Wuhan accelerates the creation of a new era of innovative and entrepreneurial talents

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China News Service, Wuhan, May 7 (Zhang Qin, Xu Chao, Yang Qi) Wuhan Talent Group Co., Ltd. (“Wuhan Talent Group”) was inaugurated and established on the morning of the 7th. In the future, Wuhan will use market-based means to enhance human capital Advantages, open a new model of attracting talents and gathering intelligence, and accelerate the creation of a new era of innovative and entrepreneurial talents.

Wang Zhen, secretary of the party committee, chairman and general manager of Wuhan Talent Group, introduced that the group will anchor the main platform for attracting high-end talents in the city, the construction of a national talent highland platform, and the new platform for international talent exchange and cooperation. , Strive to build a first-class comprehensive human resources service provider in the country with a wide range of influence, and strive to introduce 1,000 high-end talents annually, serve 1,000 well-known institutions, and the large talent database will reach the order of 10 million.

Wuhan accelerates the creation of a new era of innovative and entrepreneurial talents

Photo by Zhang Qin at the inauguration ceremony of Wuhan Talents Group Co., Ltd.

The reporter learned from the meeting on the 7th that through a series of measures such as industry driving, policy support, environmental attraction, and platform building, the effect of Wuhan talent gathering has continued to appear . Currently, Wuhan has 73 academicians of the two academies, 655 national-level key talents, and 690 provincial-level experts. The total number of talents exceeds 2.85 million.

As one of the three major intelligence-intensive areas in the country, Wuhan has 92 colleges and universities, with about 1.3 million college students, and the total number of talents of all kinds ranks first in the country. Based on the endowment of scientific and educational resources, Wuhan has done a good job of “University+” articles.

In recent years, through the implementation of measures to reduce the cost of college students studying in Han, broaden employment channels, and improve the convenience of employment services, Wuhan has become increasingly attractive to young college students. According to statistics, from 2017 to 2020, 1.39 million new college students in Wuhan will be added in Wuhan, and 646,000 new college students will be settled in Wuhan.

In order to fully tap the resources of Wuhan alumni, the city implemented the “Chu Talent Returning to Han” project, established the “Han University Alumni Association”, and hired more than 120 well-known alumni such as Chen Dongsheng and Lei Jun as “recruitment talents”. “Consultants” and “Investment Ambassadors” have held more than 20 special sessions for millions of alumni to return to Han universities, regional, international and industry, and introduced more than 100 high-level talents at home and abroad, and facilitated the settlement of a large number of major intellectual and industrial projects.

In terms of the introduction of high-end international talents and industry leaders, Wuhan has strengthened its cooperation with overseas alumni associations, Chinese associations, and well-known headhunting agencies through the in-depth implementation of the “Han of Talents” project and the “Thousands of Enterprises” program. Strategic cooperation, and continue to expand and strengthen the “reservoir” of international talents.

Wuhan accelerates the creation of a new era of innovative and entrepreneurial talents(1)


p >Wuhan Talents Group Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with 8 units. Photo by Zhang Qin

Under the guidance of talent innovation, in 2020, the number of invention patent applications in Wuhan is 34,635, and the number of invention patent authorizations is 14,667. There are 51.87 invention patents owned by ten thousand people, ranking among the top cities in the country. In the global urban scientific research index rankings released by Nature magazine in 2020, Wuhan ranks 4th in China and 13th in the world.

The relevant person in charge of the Wuhan Municipal Recruitment Bureau stated that as an important node city of the “Belt and Road” and an important strategic fulcrum for the rise of the central region, Wuhan’s current strategic position in the overall development of the country has been continuously highlighted. At the same time, with the rise of a number of major national scientific and technological infrastructure and innovation platforms and strategic emerging industrial clusters, a good platform has been established for all kinds of talents to stimulate creative potential and devote themselves to scientific and technological innovation.

For the promotion of talent development, the reporter learned from the event that Wuhan will attract talents from all over the world with better policies. In the next step, the city will fully implement the “1553” talent work framework system, carry out corporate inquiry activities through normalization, and implement “students stay in Han”, “excellent talents gathering in Han”, “Chu talent return to Han”, “help enterprises attract talents”, and “assistance”. To realize the five major projects, we will adopt five measures, namely, “settling down”, “warming the heart”, “setting sail”, “setting sail” and “commendation” to improve the three mechanisms of overall planning, discussion and implementation. Tailor relevant policies to the needs of key talents, and strive to build a talent highland with policy depressions. (End)