Yeah.com and Yonyou Group reached a strategic cooperation

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On May 19th, the strategic signing ceremony of Yea.com and UFIDA Chanjet was held. Duah.com founder & CEO Luan Jianyu, CMO Wang Yu, CTO Zhang Xiaolong, Head of Accounting School Zhang Yunpeng, Chanjet President Yang Chunyu, and General Manager Sun Guoping participated in the on-site contract signing and announced the “full-stack accountant” jointly created by the two parties. The training platform” will meet with the public soon.

Yeah.com and Yonyou Group reached a strategic cooperation

It is reported that UFIDA’s It has more than 230 branches and more than 8,000 ecological partners around the world, serving more than 6.27 million customers. The Chanjet cloud “Good Accounting” product of UFIDA Group not only meets the financial accounting needs of Chinese enterprises, but also meets the positioning of the financial training system of training institutions. With “Good Accounting” powerful financial software capabilities + Yeah.com understands better. The high-end financial and accounting product capabilities can give full play to the advantages of both parties and achieve the effect of “one plus one is greater than two”.

The full-stack accountant training platform, based on the training thinking of multi-industry, multi-position, and special skills training, is divided into industry training, job training and special training, including 23 industries, 18 Position, 1200+ skills.

Daiah.com’s full-stack accountant training platform selects 23 popular industries to fully meet the training needs of students’ employment intentions in different industries. Each set of accounts comes from a real case of the enterprise, and the overall operation is from the setting of the initial set of accounts, the whole process of accounting and tax declaration, the full simulation of original vouchers, and the real exercise of every business scenario in the enterprise.

The full-stack accountant training platform will generate a competency model for the trainees after each set of account exercises. The trainees’ software operation ability, accounting processing ability, online certification ability, The five abilities of CNC invoicing ability and tax declaration ability are quantitatively presented, the ability of students is analyzed, training reports are generated, and ability improvement exercises are matched.

Daiah.com founder & CEO Luan Jianyu said: “Yongyou Chanjietong and Duiah.com have many similarities in corporate positioning and product users. I hope that the cooperation with Chanjietong will continue to deepen. I also hope Dua.com will help more young people realize their career dreams by continuously polishing its accounting practice products.”