100 Classic Poisonous Chicken Soup

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  1. It’s not ashamed to sell one’s soul and principles. What’s ashamed is not being able to sell a good price.
  2. The people with corrupted moral character we curse are actually just directly or indirectly harming our interests.

  3. I didn’t know until I was thirty years old. Saying different things to different people and showing different attitudes is a very valuable ability, not hypocrisy.

  4. Don’t lose weight. You are not only ugly because you are fat.

  5. Some people sigh with emotion:”I’m not young anymore, I haven’t matured yet.” In fact, you have matured, and that’s how you matured.

  6. Only if you have the ability to find boyfriend and girlfriend friends and a lot of spare tires, can you truly enjoy your single life.

  7. Girls would rather be a handsome and rich spare tire than accept the behavior of diaosi. From Gene guarantees human progress.

  8. Loser has resentment in his heart when facing people whose lives are better than him.

  9. I went to a psychiatrist to see depression. He listened to my statement and said:If what you said is true, why don’t you commit suicide? You are not depression; depression is pessimistic in the light of things, but it is good at first, but you think it can’t. You are not as good as others in the first place.

  10. Many people find that they are inferior to others in the issues of money, power, and women, so they start to try Moral and the realm of life make a fuss.

  11. I met someone I knew and wanted to chat together. She said that she went to Hong Kong to play with Greece, and then bought Apple and cosmetics; I don’t know how to respond because I haven’t been out to play and shop for a long time. I also said that I recently thought about why people are alive and where they came from. She was also silent because I haven’t thought about such problems for a long time. No more words after that.

  12. I chased my dream. Others said I was naive and ridiculous, but I persevered. In the end, I found out that I was really naive and ridiculous before.

  13. When you were young, you didn’t accomplish anything; sometimes complaining about yourself and being decadent, sometimes gritting your teeth and working hard to manage relationships, but your life has not improved. You have been suffering until you are thirty.”After hearing this, he asked excitedly:What about after the age of 30? Is there a turnaround? The fortune-teller raised his head slightly:After the age of 30…you begin to get used to it.

  14. I sympathize with those famous schools. Graduates. For the vast majority of these people, the greatest achievement in their lives is the success of the college entrance examination, which surpassed society</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”3020278″ qid=”6588293391589577997″> The various classes in the span> seem to have risen to the top. After that, they are going downhill for the rest of their lives.

  15. Even if the factor of your origin is discarded, I don’t think you may have done it before.

16. Bragging is the nature of some people. When they are lackluster on some topics, they will make use of foreign aid:I have a friend who has a better experience than you. After speaking, I am proud of it, The subtext is to be his friend, and I will certainly not be worse off.

17. Sometimes We feel that others have misunderstood ourselves, but in fact we have misunderstood ourselves.

18. The so-called ideal of life is to support you through the daily boredom and pain, and finally the desire that is not realized. With it, pro Before death, there is endless emptiness and pain; without it, I can’t survive this life.

19. There are many important and urgent things. Doing one first will feel that other things are delayed. So. Let’s go to an Internet cafe first.

20. Many times when others treat you well, it’s not because they like you, but because they like to be nice to others.

21. Girls have Such a dream:After a hard day of work, I met a good man with a client. He is confident, Self-centered, mature, humorous, and caring to others. You fall in love. He says to you:Stop working. Let me help you open a homecafé! So your life has changed, every day in the coffee full of sentiment I delve into coffee and desserts in the restaurant. You begin to believe in love again. Later you find out that your boyfriend has opened more than a dozen cafes.

22. Young boys only want their girlfriends to be beautiful. As he grows up and accumulates his experience, he will eventually realize that beauty is not all about choosing a partner, and sexiness is also very important.

23. If you are good-looking, in the bus I fell asleep on the subway and rested my head on the shoulders of the people next to me. The people next to me will always be with you Until I wake up. If you are ugly, once your head rests on the shoulders of the person next to you, he will immediately wake you up and warmly remind you to take good care of your belongings.

24.”Mom didn’t mean you. You look for that person, who looks so ugly and can’t understand what I mean. If I tell others that this is my son-in-law, I feel ashamed.””His family There are more than a billion.””Of course, people don’t need to live so vain, why do they have to care about others’ opinions? What’s more, love is blind, and mom supports you!”

25 The pain of”not working hard and telling myself that I don’t want it at all” is much smaller than the pain of”failure after working hard.”

26. Without the fullness of a wallet, there is no inner peace. Many people have turned the cart before the horse.

27. Some young people have gained simplicity through American TV shows, travel and Youtube videos The concept of freedom, democracy and human rights; they feel that their work is bad, the popularity is poor, and they have no targets. They are all China The system is harmful.

28. You only need to look at others wonderful, God has other arrangements for you.

29. The four stages of an ordinary person’s life:ignorance, happiness and hope with a heart higher than the sky-ashamed of struggle and suffering in the future-unrequited resentment and disappointment-calm and ordinary And decadence. Which step have you come to?

30. Most success depends on neither accumulated efforts nor The opportunity to dramatize, but the background and talent that have been determined long ago.

31. The child asked the rich man:Why are you so rich, uncle? The rich man said:Let me tell you a story. When I was very young, I noticed that the mineral water downstairs sells for one dollar, but three stops outside On the basketball court, you want to sell a piece of five. I took a big schoolbag, bought water from downstairs and brought it to the stadium to sell, selling one and two. I made ten yuan a month. The child said:I seem to understand. The rich man said:You know what a fart. Then my dad died and left the money to me.

32.”Why do I always feel that I am very ordinary?””Maybe because you are really ordinary.”

33. Many people are not mentally ill, but mentally disabled , It can’t be cured.

34. I found that many people who do not mix well look very open. I don’t know if they are dismissive of worldly success because they see it thoroughly, or if they have to be open to it because of their unsuccess.

35. In addition to the rich, there are two kinds of people in the world:one is to eat frugally to buy luxury goods and to dress up, and the other is to eat frugally and cannot afford luxury goods.

36. After returning from a walk-and-go trip, nothing has changed except that the things that should be done have been delayed for a longer time.

37. Your success after hard work cannot make up for the pain you experienced before success.

38. If life deceives you today, don’t be sad, don’t cry, because life will continue to deceive you tomorrow.

39. If only there is a place where you can sell your soul in exchange for material enjoyment.

40. There are many factors for a good figure. A good figure can’t be achieved by dieting and exercise.

41. I feel bored or lonely every day. Going to find friends to eat and go shopping is just to meet my needs to communicate with others, not social.

42. Excellent girls will need more care than usual when they are fragile (such as breaking up, unsatisfactory work), so they will communicate with more people. Don’t be surprised if she returns to her original circle after returning to normal and doesn’t care about you anymore.

43. Friends, that is not laziness, laziness can be overcome. You just have a weak (stupid) brain, and you can’t endure high-intensity thinking for a long time, do things that are too logically complicated and deal with too much information.

44. Some young people work in some large state-owned enterprises and institutions as soon as they graduate. There is nothing to do every day, just eating and drinking, and the welfare is so good. Before I have struggled in my life, I begin to care for the elderly, my ideals are left aside, and I use people’s anointing to enjoy the privileges. For such young people, I just want to ask you four words:Where to submit your resume?

45. All those who complain about social injustices and systems translate only one sentence:Please give me money, women and society status.

46. I often hear others say:I hope he/she has something to say in person, and don’t slander others after you leave. Some people believe it to be true, but in fact, my practice has proved that when you speak ill of others face to face, others will be very angry and embarrassed. So slander others must be behind.

47. In fact, it’s almost the same as who to find a girlfriend. They are always arguing. It’s just that some people are arguing with more beautiful girls.

48. The beginning of love is almost the same. But when the two of them were so normal that they left hand in hand, they were working overtime to squeeze the subway to pay off the mortgage and then send money to their rural parents. They stared in the house during the holidays, or they drove the small car to stay in a big house for nine to five and buy and decorate their own small house on weekends. When I travel abroad, the difference is very big.

49. Bad women love men’s money and power; good women love men because of the self-confidence, generosity, energetic, optimistic and enterprising of being rich and powerful. Fortunately, different routes lead to the same goal.

50. Spiritual pursuit should be a natural response after material pursuit is satisfied. It is not a placebo to seek after the frustration of reality.

51. My dream is to hold a camera in one hand and hold you in the other to travel around. The resting place at sunset is our home every day. Then when he was in his thirties, he was still holding a meager salary in a junior position, and he was called to drink with the young people who had just graduated.

52. Friendships that are able to help each other care for the relationship are much stronger than those friendships that are nonsense to eat, drink and travel together every day.

53. Some people pursue excellence because of their nature and outstanding ability. Many other people also like to join in the fun.

54. Those elites whom everyone envy, are actually not as good as you think. But it must be much stronger than you.

55. Fortunately, those involved are fans, otherwise many people will not be able to see the truth clearly.

56. Those who have no money or career have time to improve their life.

57. When I was young, I always lacked a correct understanding of myself. Sometimes I feel that I have superior abilities, the sea and the sky, and sometimes I feel useless, ordinary and incompetent. After I grew up, I experienced a lot, and gradually recognized myself, only to realize that I was useless, ordinary and incompetent.

58. Idiom in a sentence:Many young people want to find happiness and meaning in life from their work.

59. I saw two ugly and poor men and women kissing on the road. I said that two people with poor quality of life are accompanied by each other. My friend immediately refuted me:Wouldn’t you be happy if you didn’t have a good material life? They love each other so much better than those rich and beautiful but divorced celebrities! I said I didn’t say they were unhappy at all. You tried to refute it, maybe It’s your own inner voice.

60, Sociologists research shows that:unsightly and poor men, Not more reliable than Gao Shuaifu.

61. The spouse of ordinary people who get married does not actually appreciate themselves, but can’t find a better person. They really appreciate what they like and others.

62. Love is, if there is no better choice, I will accompany you to the wasteland.

63. The love he gave you will disappear, but the TIFFANY he gave you will not depreciate.

64. I have asked many female college students this question:Is it really important to travel abroad and to use famous brands? The first answer is:It is not important, but my boyfriend is willing and able to buy it for me. important. The second answer is:Yes, it’s very important!

65. The mistake of indulgence as chic, decadence as freedom, and evasion of responsibility as the pursuit of self-worth. It’s just lazy, afraid of hardship, so there are so many good reasons.

66. Some girls think that they can look cute when they say that they are foodies, but there is no such effect.

67. Girls’ knowing how warm and cold are, in front of a good-looking lame.

68. Some girls talked behind their backs about beautiful girls with good backgrounds, saying that their life is frivolous and their morals are not high. They are well-founded and reasonable, but they always sound sour.

69. I have some beautiful and educated sisters. I had the opportunity to marry the second generation of the official and the rich, but many of them are well-behaved, have a high education from a prestigious school, have just graduated from a well-known foreign company, and work overtime. Attracted by boys who work out late at night. I feel that people are progressive and have potential. Five or six years later, they regretted that their intestines were all green.

70. A girl in my university dormitory spends half an hour every day mixing dog foodTake it outside to feed the stray dogs. But she only called home once in half a month. Her family is a working class in a third-tier city. The classmates all said that she is a loving little angel.

71. A few years ago BBS a girl wrote:I don’t know why, every Once an ugly man looked at me, I felt that he was wicked and disgusted; but a handsome guy felt very good when he looked at me. Today I saw a boy writing:I found that I always like to help a beautiful girl, unconsciously ask her what she needs; but every time an ugly girl asks me to help, I feel like:Why don’t you do it yourself? ?——Some obvious truths are very cute.

72、U.S. People’s life is like what you see in movies and TV shows it is good. Play every day, make a lot of money if you do it, there are touching details everywhere, handsome guys and beauties do it casually. The directors took photos of these daily lives and sent them to the TV and movie theaters.

73. Although the morals and principles in the mouth are important, they always give way to the interests in their hands.

74. When it comes to money, everyone is not so affectionate.

75. You work so hard, endure so much loneliness and entanglement, we don’t think you are so good.

76. Life is like this, with laughter and tears. Some people are mainly responsible for laughter, and other people are mainly responsible for tears.

77. Many people are constantly planning their lives, and there is a lot of pressure every day. In fact, no matter how you live. Will regret it. Think about what you have understood decades ago.

At the age of 78 and 30, most people are stuck in junior positions. The current job cannot be promoted, and I cannot afford the time cost of changing careers, and there is no time to go to school. My parents became ill; I had limited income and no savings. The more painful thing is to see that people with no background but hardworking and smart have achieved little success, and those with background have begun to live The nobles have lived.

79. There is nothing wrong with this world, who makes you look bad and has no money.

80. Some girls like to take a selfie with sunglasses. In fact, wearing a mask will make it look more beautiful.

81. Look in the mirror more, you will understand the reasons for many things.

82. I never stubbornly post the famous brand I bought online because I can’t afford it.

83. When I was young, I thought that rich people were very domineering, and their hearts were black. When I grew up, I discovered that many rich people know a lot, have rich experience, work hard, are generous, rational, and get along better than the poor.

84. People who look bad may not be good. It’s just that because of the torture of long-term loneliness, I sometimes treat people like crazy.

At the age of 85, he quit his job and built a band with his friends to each private University performance, the response was mediocre. When my money is spent, my father needs a lot of money when he gets sick.”After singing this, I will give up. Youth is here.” Before the concert at Qilihe University in Gansu, he said in tears. A female student handed a note:I like your song, and I have to stick to my dream. He held the note tightly and decided to stick to his dream. At the age of, he owed hundreds of thousands of debts, and his father died of illness.

86.”Hello teacher, may I ask someone like me who has no background Beijing University

span>How should graduates position themselves?””The most educated group of people at the bottom of society.”

  1. If you do more work every day than others, but you are happy to return Feel valued, so not so much that you are very talented, it is better to say that your leader is very good at managing people.
  2. When someone tells you that you are busy, he/she wants to leave time for more important people.

89.”Those people with good backgrounds and strong ability work hard to succeed, because they may succeed. What are we working hard for?””To survive.”

  1. The genes are given by you, the growth environment is given by you, social class is given by you— -Still have the face to complain that my child is not promising.
    1. Some people have worked hard for a lifetime, just squeezing from the fourth stream of society into the third stream.

    2. The weak are like this. They feel that there is too much helplessness in life, and they are unable to change.

    3. The lack of academic ability does not mean that you are good at mixing society, maybe you might as well be in The performance of the school.

    4. You do your best to do your best, and you may not be as good as others doing it casually.

    5. If you know something is interesting, but you can’t do it and you feel lost, that’s okay; if you don’t find anything interesting, it should be depression.

    6. I wish I had money or good-looking. That way, even if my personality is a bit weird, someone will listen to my thoughts and feelings and be friends with me.

    7. The limitation of a bad background is not just a platform issue. A bad background means that your parents are not doing well. Maybe you have the word”no” written in your genes.

    8. After ten years of continuous struggle and tempering, I finally grew from an ignorant, sensitive and fragile youth to an ignorant, sensitive and fragile youth.

    9. Why do some people oppose the pursuit of spiritual satisfaction and the pursuit of material abundance? You are unhappy because your realm is not high, and your material life is poor because you are unable to do so. This is totally different.

    10. Excellent and happy people like to act like a baby, telling others that they are not doing well here, and that they are not doing well there. Some people take it seriously and feel that others cry in BMW cars every day

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