“1921” will be unveiled at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival with the opening film

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China News Service, Beijing, June 9th (Reporter Ying Ni) The 24th Shanghai International Film Festival will hold the Golden Goblet Ceremony on the evening of June 11. By then, the film “1921”, which shows the starting point of the great journey of the Chinese Communist Party in the past century, will be unveiled at the Golden Jubilee Ceremony as the opening film of this Shanghai International Film Festival.

“1921” was filmed under the direction of the Propaganda Department of the Shanghai Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China, directed by Huang Jianxin, Zheng Dasheng, and a group of outstanding actors including Huang Xuan, Ni Ni, and Wang Renjun. The film cuts in from the “cross-sectional” perspective of the times, focusing on stories that occurred around 1921, and reproduces the magnificent and pioneering historical moments a hundred years ago in a panoramic manner-from all corners of the country with an average age of only 28 years old young people, breaking through the international and domestic darkness Following and obstructing the forces and overcoming numerous difficulties, they gathered in Shanghai to convene the First National Congress of the Communist Party of China, proclaiming the founding of the Communist Party of China.

Different from the previous chronicle structure of similar themes of film and television works, the movie “1921” closely follows important historical time points and tells a panoramic view of the little-known story of the establishment of the Communist Party of China 100 years ago. It records this difficult and glorious journey.

The film shows through screen art the great event of the founding of the Communist Party of China. By depicting the dedication spirit of the aspiring young people a hundred years ago, they did not fear sacrifice and saved themselves, and explained to the audience that the founding of the Communist Party of China was exactly for The birth of the mission of striving for national independence and the liberation of the people is inevitable. “1921” tells the story of the party history in a silent and touching way of moisturizing things.

The story of “1921” mainly takes place in Shanghai. During the filming, in order to truly reproduce the history, the main creative team traveled all over the world to excavate detailed historical materials and invited party history experts to participate in the whole process, 1:1 to restore the party The original building complex.

“1921” will be unveiled at the 24th Shanghai International Film Festival with the opening film


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The film pursues dynamic and rhythm in the use of lenses, and uses a combination of realism and freehand expression. It not only truly restores the urban appearance of Shanghai in the 1920s, but also through And the poetic picture conveys a unique artistic beauty.

Mentioning the original intention of the creation, Huang Jianxin, the producer and director of the film, said: “The ancestors who appeared in our play really used their lives to pursue the truth and exchange for the future of more people. This is called Great. Why did the party they created changed China in just 28 years? That’s why we wanted to make this scene. We wanted to explore the power of this belief that transcends life.”

The film is played by a group of outstanding young actors as historical figures in 1921. At that time, the average age of the representatives of the founding of the party was only 28 years old. The choice of these young actors to perform is not only to restore the historical reality, but also to convey a young and high spirit. spirit. In the work, the crew strives to reproduce the major historical moments that broke ground a hundred years ago. Many actors read a large number of biographies and historical materials before entering the group. After understanding the role in depth, they strive to enter the state of character through continuous communication with the director. Producer Ren Ning said that he often sees actors in front of the camera showing the sense of youth and youth that the director wants to pursue, “belief in his heart and light in his eyes”.

The film focuses on showing the style and appearance of the representatives of the “big”. The young people a hundred years ago, with their firm conviction and passion, set a world-breaking feat in the era of dire straits. Through these “young” ancestors, the movie “1921” hopes to inspire young people in the new era to think about what kind of youth is most meaningful. (End)