30-day countdown to the Olympics

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China News Service, June 23 (Zhang Aolin) On June 23, the Tokyo Olympic flame, which had gone through twists and turns, left Miyagi Prefecture, the disaster-stricken area of ​​the “311 Great Earthquake”, and arrived at the 41st station-west of Tokyo. Shizuoka Prefecture. Thirty days later, the torch will be ignited at the National Arena, the main venue in Tokyo, and the Tokyo Olympics will officially kick off.

30-day countdown to the Olympics

June 20th, The Tokyo Olympic Village was opened to the media for the first time. The picture shows the hand sanitizer and epidemic prevention signs placed at the entrance of the fitness center.

Just 3 days ago, the Olympic Village in Harumi, Tokyo has also revealed the mystery, and the Olympics are getting closer and closer! However, because the shadow of the new crown epidemic has not yet dissipated, a series of problems including the domestic epidemic in Japan and the epidemic prevention in the stadium are still plagued by the organizers…

This Olympics is a bit difficult. Can the vaccine “escor” ?

The Tokyo Olympics this year is ill-fated. It was originally planned to open in July 2020, but it was postponed historically due to the epidemic. Although the global epidemic situation has improved with the help of vaccines, the raging mutated virus and the rebound of epidemics in many countries still make this Olympic Games full of many uncertainties.

Due to repeated epidemics, Tokyo, Osaka and Hokkaido did not lift the state of emergency until June 21.

Although it is no longer “emergency”, most of these areas immediately entered the implementation area of ​​the “spread prevention key measures”. In short, the Japanese authorities do not dare to relax the epidemic prevention measures in an all-round way. Behind this is the number of new cases that Japan still maintains at around 2,000 a day, and the medical tensions that have not yet been relieved in many places.

30-day countdown to the Olympics(1)

From the 2020 outbreak Since then, Japan has implemented three states of emergency. Based on previous experience, each time Japan enters a state of emergency, the number of cases will be controlled, but it will rebound quickly after it is lifted.

At this critical juncture, the Japanese government, which has already determined to host the Olympics, obviously cannot withstand another rebound from the epidemic. For them, in addition to maintaining strict epidemic prevention, a lot of hope is placed on the vaccine.

So, how is the progress of vaccination in Japan?

According to the statistics of the Japan Broadcasting Association (NHK), as of June 17, Japan’s cumulative vaccination has exceeded 28.88 million doses. However, from a percentage point of view, the number of people who completed two doses of vaccination accounted for only 6.39% of the total population of Japan.

What is this concept? From a medical point of view, a country’s vaccination volume must reach 70% to achieve herd immunity; even in the United States, where the epidemic is the most severe, the vaccination rate has exceeded 45%.

However, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government has begun to vaccinate workers for the Tokyo Olympics against the new crown. The vaccination service will continue until the end of August, and approximately 2500 people can be vaccinated every day. With the protection of the vaccine, the Tokyo Olympic Games has another safety protection.

Anti-epidemic is a big test. Doesn’t it rule out the empty venue?

In fact, 30 days before the opening of the Tokyo Olympics, how to balance the epidemic prevention work with the competition process is always an issue of concern to the outside world.

On June 18, the Japanese government’s new crown expert group leader Shigeru Omino and other experts made suggestions to the Japanese government and the Tokyo Olympics Organizing Committee, blasting the global network. They believed that the Olympics is the most ideal place to hold the Olympics in an empty field.

This idea still has a strong public opinion foundation. According to a national telephone poll conducted by Kyodo News on the 19th and 20th, 40.3% of the respondents agreed with “empty venues.”

30-day countdown to the Olympics(2)

As early as March, The Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee decided not to accept overseas spectators to watch the games in Japan. However, whether or not to accept Japanese spectators to watch the game, and how much capacity is accepted, has always been the focus of discussion among all parties.

On June 21st, this long discussion finally settled. On that day, a five-party meeting was held between the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee and the International Olympic Committee, the International Paralympic Committee, the Japanese government and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government. The meeting decided to set the maximum number of spectators for the Olympic Games at 10,000 in principle.

However, Japanese Prime Minister Yoshihide Suga has made it clear that if the epidemic worsens again during the conference, he will not hesitate to issue an emergency declaration, and it would not hesitate to hold it in an empty venue at that time!

In addition to the audience, the epidemic prevention work of the personnel going to Japan is also a huge test.

According to the news released by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee on June 18, in addition to athletes from various countries, a total of about 53,000 related personnel will go to Japan during the conference. This number has been significantly reduced from the original plan by 7 to make.

According to the third edition of the Olympic Epidemic Prevention Handbook for athletes and delegation officials issued by the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee on June 15, for participants from overseas, the Global Positioning System (GPS) ) Confirm its itinerary in Japan. Within 14 days of entry, their actions will be strictly controlled. If entering a prosperous neighborhood, refusing to be tested, etc., are deemed to be violations, they will be punished in accordance with the provisions of the manual.

30-day countdown to the Olympics(3)

In the Tokyo Olympic Village Doping control stations are equipped with equipment for detecting body temperature and anti-epidemic items such as hand sanitizer.

For the protagonist of this conference-athletes, the testing process is more rigorous. According to regulations, during the competition, athletes must submit saliva samples at 9 am or 6 pm every day for nucleic acid testing.

The difficulty of preparing for the Olympics under the epidemic situation has indeed increased sharply. In this regard, Seiko Hashimoto, the chairman of the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee, did not forget to “pump up”. She said at the press conference on June 4: “Great progress in the face of difficult situations in the world is the meaning and value of the Olympics. ”

The Olympic Village is unveiled, and athletes look forward to their dreams

On June 20, the Olympic Village next to Tokyo Bay was officially opened to the media. On July 13, the Olympic Village will hold a village opening ceremony. After that, more than 10,000 athletes from more than 200 countries and regions will move in one after another, and the flags of the delegations will also be raised. At that time, athletes from all over the world can gather here to participate in the long-awaited event.

30-day countdown to the Olympics(4)

June 3, The 50-day countdown ceremony for the Tokyo Olympics was held at the Ariake Stadium in Tokyo. The picture shows the model showing the podium and medals used in the award ceremony.

As the first overseas sports team to arrive in Japan to prepare for the Olympics, the Australian softball team was already excited before they set off. On May 31, local time, the team’s veteran Wall said, “We can’t wait to go there (Tokyo)”; the head of the Australian delegation, Chesterman, also said excitedly: “They have experienced a lot in the past 15 months. Difficult times, but they are ready to meet the challenge”.

On June 20, local time, US media reported that the country’s basketball superstar Durant has made it clear that he will go to Tokyo in July to represent the US men’s basketball team in the Olympics.

In addition, there is a group of “no country” athletes who are also actively preparing for the game. On June 8, the Tokyo Olympic Refugee Delegation was formally established. They totaled 29 people and will participate in 12 events in Tokyo.

The President of the International Olympic Committee Bach said that these refugee athletes from all over the world stepped onto the stage of the Tokyo Olympics as a powerful message of unity, tenacity and hope to the world.

The International Olympic Committee believes that if the Tokyo Olympics can be successfully held under the control of the epidemic, this event will relieve the world from the pressure and anxiety of fighting the epidemic in the past 15 months.

Under the epidemic, the combination of the Olympic spirit and the anti-epidemic spirit may really become a “timely rain” for all mankind who are deeply separated by the day. However, as far as the international competition itself is concerned, the top priority is still to ensure “safety first.” (End)

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