“618” trilogy: the person who decides the scroll → the person who pays the last money → the person who eats the native

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Chinanews client, Beijing, June 2nd (Reporter Wu Tao) The “618” big promotion came. I thought I would pay the deposit safely, and then the favorite “baby” could be bought back. As everyone knows, the deposit is now available. Rolled up, hands are fast, hands are slow! To become a “fixed person” overnight, you have to beware of all kinds of “routines.”

According to netizens’ summary: The deposit roll-up refers to the fact that you can buy the goods with peace of mind if you pay the deposit during the big promotion period, but find that if you don’t work hard and are not active, even the deposit will be robbed.

“618” trilogy: the person who decides the scroll → the person who pays the last money → the person who eats the native

How much is the deposit Crazy? Some netizens reported, “Buy, buy, buy, the deposit is only 10 yuan, who do you look down on?” “The rules are so complicated, it’s cheap at first glance. Pay the deposit first and then watch it slowly.” I guess I like the homepage display. I saw it and I really like it.”

Reporters experience that during the “618” promotion period, e-commerce platforms generally have products marked with “deposit”, and almost all deposits can be paid normally. , There is no limit to pay the deposit. However, a reporter from Chinanews.com also noticed that for some products, make an appointment before rushing to buy them, otherwise they won’t even be eligible for rushing to buy them.

An e-commerce platform told a reporter from Chinanews.com, “It may be that netizens have made a mistake. The platform has to pay a deposit and make an appointment to buy it. The number of appointments to buy is limited, and it is normal for the goods to be unavailable in the end. In principle, consumers who have paid the deposit and paid the balance normally can buy the goods.”

The deposit rules announced by many e-commerce platforms show that after the consumer pays the deposit, the seller causes the consumer If the seller fails to pay the final payment, or after the consumer pays the final payment, the seller delays the shipment. In addition to refunding the deposit, he has to compensate the consumer for the same amount of the deposit.

The deposit of the final payment can be refunded in this way

According to the rules, after the consumer has paid the deposit, if the final payment is not paid, the deposit will not be refunded. Therefore, it is best to pay the deposit according to your ability, because the deposit is so small, and the payment is not troublesome; the final payment is so large, it is terrible to think about it!

Some netizens said, do you know the recipe of the last person? There is only one type: steamed buns, a refrigerator full of steamed buns. “It’s good to eat steamed buns. I feel like I’m going to eat soil this month.” “Working with workers during the day and paying the balance in the evening.” “When I paid the deposit, I felt that I could afford everything. When I paid the balance, I felt that the sky was going to collapse.”

“618” trilogy: the person who decides the scroll → the person who pays the last money → the person who eats the native(1)

“I teach you a trick if After paying the deposit, I regret not wanting to buy it. You can pay the balance, and then apply for a refund. The deposit and the balance can be refunded in full.” Some netizens suggested.

According to the pre-sale agreement of multiple e-commerce platforms, the unpaid balance deposit is non-refundable, and if the balance is paid, the deposit is refundable. So the above method is feasible to refund the deposit! However, consumers are still advised to refrain from impulsive consumption due to their needs.

“618” trilogy: the person who decides the scroll → the person who pays the last money → the person who eats the native(2)

Tips for e-commerce platforms “The unpaid balance deposit will not be refunded”

Tuners also need to beware of these “routines”

During the “618” period, in addition to “grabbing, grabbing”, they should also beware of some “routines” “. For example, with regard to the deposit, some e-commerce platforms claim that the deposit of 10 yuan is worth 10 yuan. At first glance, it seems to be 10 yuan cheaper, but in fact the deposit of 10 yuan should be worth 10 yuan? Of course, there are also commodities such as “10 yuan for a deposit of 20 yuan”, consumers must keep their eyes open to distinguish.

In addition, when investigating, the reporter found that although the “routine” of raising prices first and discounting them is old, it is still a favorite method used by merchants, and many products have “secretly” increased prices. If it is a purchased product, you can check “All My Orders” first, and refer to the original price of the same product.

The reporter also noticed that this year’s e-commerce platform claims to reduce cumbersome calculation methods, “not brain burn” directly tell consumers “get the price.” For example, the original price is 29 yuan, and the average purchase price of 5 pieces is 19 yuan. In fact, it just changed the way of saying “full reduction”, which also allowed consumers to increase their efforts to stock up single products.

“Good guy, I bought too much cat food last year, and the cats are tired of eating food and still have it.” “Hold it once, and I feel like I don’t need to buy toilet paper for the next five years.”

< p>There are also some “routines” to pay attention to. For example, “Buy one get one free” originally meant buying a bottle of shampoo and getting a small bag of shampoo; from a distance, it was 9.9 yuan, and clicked to enter 99 yuan; when you bought 200 yuan, you could only choose certain products, and there were not many categories. .

There are too many routines, so some netizens said, “I wait for ‘619’ every year. Many products return, but they are cheaper.”

What did you stock up with “618” , Have you encountered a “routine”? (End)