7 new domestic confirmed cases in Guangzhou, all of which were discovered from close contacts

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On June 9, Guangzhou held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. At the meeting, Guangzhou Municipal Health Commission, deputy director and press statement Chen Bin reported that from 00:00 to 24:00 on June 8th, there were 7 newly confirmed domestic cases in Guangzhou, all of which were discovered through active investigations from close contacts. In addition, there was another case that was asymptomatic. The infected person turned into a confirmed case. Four of the seven new cases of domestic infection were in the closed area of ​​Baihedong Street in Liwan District, one case was in Dongsha Street, Liwan District, and two cases were in Zhujiang Street, Nansha District. The infected person is connected. From May 21 to June 8 at 24:00, a total of 115 cases were reported in the city in this round of the epidemic, with 106 confirmed cases in the country and 9 asymptomatic infections.

The above cases involve key activity sites:

Nansha District:Tongzhen Kindergarten, Zhujiang East Road Dingtai Coarse Grain Fish Powder, Zhujiang 1st Road Zhenzhibao Coffee, Zhujiang 2nd Road 1986 Fresh Fruit Tea , Zhujiang Xiyi Road Wenji Roast Goose, Zhujiang Second Road Shaxian Snacks, Jia’anGarden Xinghuan Tobacco and alcohol store, Jia’an Garden Fuyuanfast food restaurant

Liwan District:Happy Family, Xinjue Park, Xiangning Street, Hainan Village

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