A “library at your doorstep” 24-hour urban study new experience

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The 24-hour city study in Chengdu

A “library at your doorstep” 24-hour urban study new experience

High-tech 24-hour city study room

At the intersection of the fourth section of the first ring road in Chengdu and Xingrong Street, there is a transparent orange hut. Hour City Study”.

How to guard against theft in an unattended study? Read all here for free? Can books be borrowed home? …With doubts, on the morning of the 22nd, a reporter from Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News went to experience it on the spot.

First of all, there is a face recognition machine at the door, and the door opens automatically by “swiping the face”. After entering, the air-conditioning hits, and in a small room, there are about dozens of books neatly placed on a bookshelf with two walls.

On the sound interactive wall in the study, I picked up a book of “A Brief History of Mankind”, and the loudspeaker in my ear began to play the book’s audio. Picking up any physical book will automatically trigger the playback of the corresponding bibliographic audio for about 20 minutes. There are a lot of QR codes in the room. When the reporter scans it with his mobile phone, there is an online audio library with about 15,000 books. You can sit in the comfortable deck and enjoy reading.

The audio reading desk on the side is also equipped with a free charging port and 4 listening and reading machines, providing a place for everyone to work, rest, and read, and enjoy undisturbed time alone. .

The bustling street outside the window is filled with people and traffic. Inside the window is another quiet scene, and the whole space is full of books. On a hot summer day, if you just pass by here, you can come in and relax for a while, read a few books, and experience it very well.

An average of 200 people come in and read every day

However, the physical books inside are only available for free reading on site and cannot be taken away. How to prevent theft? When you walk to the door with a book, an alarm will sound, and you can retrieve it through the portrait collected when you enter the door.

The relevant person in charge of Xiaojiahe Street told reporters that the “Chengdu High-tech 24-hour City Study Room” was officially opened on June 15th. It is exactly one week away from now. The system will return daily traffic data. According to statistics, on average, more than two hundred people enter the 24-hour study every day.

“High-tech 24-hour city study” is jointly built by Chengdu High-tech Zone, Chengdu Radio and Television Station, and Himalaya. It is the first 24-hour city study in Chengdu, and it is also embedded in the city life circle of Chengdu First Ring Road. The micro-space of urban cultural aesthetics is an unattended, 24-hour open, environmentally friendly, low-carbon, and dynamic and static urban cultural reading space.

Reading and listening, but also to send blessings to friends. In this 24-hour city study room, there is a customized “Sound Postcard” customized by Xiaojiahe Street. Citizens can scan the corresponding QR code to enter the voice postcard page, and send their own voice and text blessings and electronic postcards with Xiaojiahe characteristics to Friends or posted to the circle of friends. Physical printing equipment was also set up at the site, which can be directly printed into paper postcards and sent to those who want to send blessings.

A “library at your doorstep”

Since this year, Chengdu has taken the lead in the country to propose “building a beautiful space for communities”. The first 10 sites have been selected and named, and they are planned to be completed within this year. 91 municipal demonstration sites. The community is a window to show the city’s temperament and values, and a carrier for citizens and tourists to understand and integrate into the city.

Community beauty space refers to a space scene that takes the community category as the main service radius, provides a universal aesthetic experience, and deeply integrates social value, life value and aesthetic value. Community Beauty Space pays attention to the changes of community residents’ “home door”. It is oriented to show the local culture, historical culture and industrial characteristics of the community, incorporates aesthetic elements, highlights thematic features, and integrates artistic expression, cultural display, consumer experience, and emotional exchanges. And other multi-functional application scenarios of community aesthetics.

With the acceleration of the pace of life and the increasing fragmentation of information, the reading space has also become diversified. “High-tech 24-hour city study” is the integration of traditional library and modern technology, and it is also the presentation of digitization and intelligence. It provides Chengdu citizens with a spiritual and cultural station that is not closed for 24 hours, and provides community residents with a doorway. Library. ”

Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Chen Mou