A rough interpretation of the Diamond Sutra

By yqqlm yqqlm

The heart has no place to live, but all dhammas are empty, and all dhammas see all forms and different forms, and when they see all forms, they give rise to their hearts.

The heart has no place to live, but everything is empty. The Buddha wants to deny the entire world, completely break it, deny it, and of course it also includes the mind. All your cognition and perspective of looking at problems are given by the world, and even what you know and feel is not your own, but is also a product of the world. For example, when you see a stone, it is the world that tells you that this thing is called a stone, so you can feel and know about the stone, not the stone you know by yourself. What you think, what you think, what you know, and what you feel cannot be separated from this axiomatic world. Your heart is a reflection of this world, and your heart is abiding, bewildered and entangled by this world.

How to have no place to live? The Buddha said to empty the image of this world left in your heart, to completely format this axiomized world, so that no trace of this world will be left in your heart. The Buddha said:Don’t hold the form of oneself, the form of human beings, the form of sentient beings, the form of longevity, and the form of the law and the form of illegal form. There is no discrimination, the world is empty, all dharmas are empty, emptiness is everything, everything is emptiness.

The text language isThe carrier of becoming a Buddha is also an obstacle to becoming a Buddha. Being empty and empty should be the last situation for most Buddhists. Since the entire axiomatic world is to be emptied, the language and characters that are the basis of the axiomatic world must first be emptied. Empty the text and language, empty the previous cognition, and after the thorough formatting, it can no longer be expressed in words or words, otherwise it will not be empty. Without words and words, it is obvious that the Dharma cannot be taught to others. Only then can the Dharma be like a metaphor. There is a smile with flowers. Flowers, non-flowers, non-flowers, famous flowers; smiles, non-smiling, non-smiling, famous-smiles; smiling flowers, non-flowers smiling, non-flowers smiling, famous flowers smiling.

King Kong Sutra, if you talk about it, you need to be empty, but it doesn’t talk about how to grow your heart when you are empty. How to give birth? Generally speaking, there are two ways to do it, one is to realize the original mind and become a Buddha by seeing one’s nature. One thinks that by practicing, travel through the world.

To be a Buddha is it necessary to see clearly? How do you know when you are empty? Who will meet at Minghe? Who sees whom? It’s okay to play games with words in this way.

Practice, non-practice, non-non-practice, name practice. The heart is empty. Use the empty heart to observe this vast world, traverse the various states of this world, all good and evil, right and wrong, beauty and ugliness; traverse all things in this world, traverse the life and death of all things and all things, and finally do it Know, know, see, and discern about the whole world. This is how you observe the whole world, knowing, seeing, and discerning, and here is the truth. At this time, your heart is the world, the world is in your heart, looking at mountains is a mountain, looking at water is water, the world in your eyes is emptiness and color, that is, color is emptiness, emptiness is not different color, and color is not different emptiness. At this time, you are the Buddha.

traverse the entire world, but human life is limited, so there are six reincarnations. To become a Buddha requires reincarnation for all generations, and knows, sees, and discerns all aspects of the world, without missing anything.

But this is nothing but nothingness? Contemplation is not emptiness, vacuum without contemplation. Practicing for a while is also fishing for the moon in the water, but it is still a step further than being able to perceive one’s mind.

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