A-shares strengthened and the Shanghai Index rose by 3,600 points! GEM index rose 2.68%

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China-Singapore Jingwei Client, June 10th. A-shares strengthened in early trading on the 10th. The Shanghai stock index once again stood at 3,600 points, and the ChiNext stock index rose nearly 3%.

A-shares strengthened and the Shanghai Index rose by 3,600 points! GEM index rose 2.68%

On the disk, the computer board Leading the gains, Digital Video, Pinming, Pulian Software, Dragonsoft Technology, Advanced Data Communication and other shares have 20% daily limit, and Jidai Zhengyuan, Digital China, Zhizhen Technology and other daily limit. The automobile sector as a whole rose by more than 2%, Haima Motor, *ST Zotye daily limit, and Ankai Bus closed the board. Steel, communications equipment, non-ferrous metals, semiconductors, and media sectors have been active. Brokerage stocks rose in the intraday market, and Huaan Securities once closed the board in a straight line. Oriental Fortune, CICC, and Zhongyuan Securities were among the top gainers.

Hongmeng concept stocks strengthened, Sitech’s 20% daily limit, Chuanzhi Education’s daily limit, Runhe Software, Jiulian Technology, ArcherMind Technology, etc. followed up. Stimulated by the news, Kuaishou, Toutiao, and Baidu concept stocks have been active.

In terms of individual stocks, 2047 individual stocks rose, among which several stocks such as China Science and Technology Soft, Shanghai Belling, and Tianyuan Dike rose more than 5%; 2060 individual stocks fell, among which Fujian Jinsen and ST Longyun , ST Rocks and many other stocks fell more than 5%.

In terms of turnover rate, there are a total of 15 stocks with a turnover rate of more than 20%. Among them, Jiulian Technology has the highest turnover rate, reaching 45.76%.

From the north-south capital flow of Shanghai-Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect, the net inflow of northbound capital is 8.805 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect is 5.396 billion yuan, the balance of funds on the day is 46.604 billion yuan, and the net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Connect is 3.409 billion yuan. The balance of funds on that day was 48.591 billion yuan; the net inflow of southbound funds was 1.302 billion yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai-Hong Kong Stock Connect was 444 million yuan, the balance of funds on the day was 41.556 billion yuan, the net inflow of Shenzhen-Hong Kong Stock Connect was 858 million yuan, and the balance of funds on the day was 41.142 billion yuan.

According to the analysis of Centaline Securities, recent market hotspots have changed frequently, and the continuity of leading hotspots is generally not strong. OTC funds have a heavy wait-and-see mentality. Whether the Shanghai Index can continue to expand upward in the future still depends on strong Strong external factors boosted. It is expected that the Shanghai stock index is likely to fluctuate slightly in the short-term, and the ChiNext market is likely to consolidate slightly.

Shanxi Securities stated that in the short term, the market volume has not seen a significant decline, and the index has been adjusted recently. The market is still in a period of rest after a rapid rise, and the market’s prosperity rebounded faster after the rest of the sector. Will continue to perform. In the medium term, the consumer and technology sectors, which have seen rapid economic recovery, still have strong appeal, and the overall market will continue to fluctuate upwards driven by the relevant sectors. (Zhongxin Jingwei APP)

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