A staff member of Myanmar Men’s Football Team dies in hotel in Osaka, Japan

By yqqlm yqqlm

The Myanmar Football Association confirmed on social media on June 10 that Pie Sone Nine, the staff member of the Myanmar Men’s National Football Team who participated in the World Cup Asian qualifiers in Osaka, Japan, died on June 9 at the hotel where he stayed. The cause of death was initially determined to be sudden death caused by cardiac arrest.

According to the announcement issued by the Japan Football Association, Bi Songnai, who is responsible for the management of equipment in the team, also talked and trained with the players on June 8, but was absent from the new crown virus test on June 9. He was later found lying in a hotel room, dead.

Myanmar Men’s National Team flew from Yangon to Tokyo on May 22, and lost to Japan 0-10 in Group F of the World Cup Asian Qualifiers held in Chiba on May 28. The team then moved to Osaka. They will face the Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan teams in Osaka on June 11 and 15. (Headquarters reporter Gao Jiayi)


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