A total of nearly 2 million confirmed cases in Peru have the mutated virus reported by India spread?

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China News Service, June 12, According to Peru’s “Communiqué”, on the 11th local time, there were 2799 new confirmed cases of new coronary pneumonia in Peru, with a total of more than 1.998 million confirmed cases. On the same day, Peruvian biologists warned that the confirmed cases of the mutated virus in India reported in Arequipa had been ill for more than one month, indicating that the mutated strain had enough time to spread to many regions in Peru.

A total of nearly 2 million confirmed cases in Peru have the mutated virus reported by India spread?


p > According to reports, Peruvian biologist Pablo Tsukayama pointed out that based on past experience, when a new mutant strain of the new coronavirus is detected in one area, it may have spread to more areas. He said: “This mutant strain may have arrived in Peru via international flights, passed through Lima, and arrived at Arequipa by plane or bus. It is also likely that it has spread throughout the country.”

He emphasized that although this should arouse public vigilance, the best protection measures are still: the government speeds up the vaccination process, and the public observes strict biosecurity measures, such as wearing double-layer masks, washing hands frequently, and maintaining a safe social distance.

He said: “We must not lower our vigilance. Recently, the epidemic in many parts of Peru has eased, and the number of new cases and deaths is decreasing, but if we relax, the epidemic will likely rebound.”

In addition, Bernardo Ostos, Deputy Minister of Health, Welfare and Insurance of the Ministry of Health, said that a monitoring report on the variant strain reported in India will be released in the next few days.

On the 9th, a 78-year-old woman in the Cerro Colorado region of Arequipa was confirmed to be infected with the variant strain reported in India. The patient has no history of outbound travel, but was suspected of having a new coronary pneumonia Patient contact.

Ostos pointed out that the Ministry of Health is currently sending additional medical teams to Arequipa to assist local medical workers in fighting the epidemic. Recently, the epidemic in Arequipa has shown an upward trend.