A woman in Wenzhou was diagnosed after entering the country and was released from quarantine, and her husband and son were nucleic acid positive; a place in Zhejiang suggested that the Dragon Boat Festival should be suspended

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Wenzhou issued a notice:

A woman’s entry was liftedDiagnosed after isolation

Her husband and son are nucleic acid positive >

Just now,

Wenzhou Citynew coronavirus pneumoniaThe Office of the Leading Group for Epidemic Prevention and Control Issues Announcement

Notification of imported confirmed cases and their associated cases outside Wenzhou City


p >The patient Wang Moumou, female, from Ruian, Wenzhou City, lives in Wanquan Town, Pingyang. On May 10, 2021, he returned from Italy with her husband and underwent medical observation for 21 days in an isolation place in Beijing after entering the country. During this period, 4 nucleic acid tests were negative. After lifting the quarantine on June 1, I took flight CA1539 and arrived at Wenzhou Longwan Airport, and was picked up by his son Li Mouer at County lives in Wanquan Town. On the morning of June 9, the patient was drove by his daughter to the Wansong District of Ruian People’s Hospital. Fever Clinic Seeing a doctor, the nucleic acid test was positive, combined with the epidemiological history, clinical symptoms, and laboratory test results, it was diagnosed as a confirmed case of imported new coronary pneumonia. He is now receiving isolation treatment at the First Affiliated Hospital of Wenzhou Medical University and is in stable condition.

After the outbreak, our city quickly launched an emergency plan. Pingyang County and Ruian City immediately carried out flow adjustment, personnel control, nucleic acid testing, etc., and implemented closed management in the communities where patients live. As of 14:00 on June 10, 242 people in close contact have been investigated, and 829 people have been closely contacted, all of which are under control. 72,791 people completed nucleic acid testing and 14554 test results, of which 14,552 were negative and 2 were positive (1 case was an imported case from abroad, the husband of the confirmed patient Li, who returned from Italy together, and the other case was none The symptomatically infected person is the son of the patient who lives together, Li Mouer). Effective disinfection has been implemented in all places involved in the epidemic.

In the next step, our city will strictly follow the epidemic prevention and control requirements, further increase its work, speed up flow traceability and nucleic acid testing, strictly implement closed-loop management of close and sub-closed personnel, and carry out full assistance to patients. Keep the epidemic to a minimum.

Haining issued a notice on epidemic prevention and control

Advocate for in-situ festivals

About doing a good job during the Dragon Boat Festival The city’s new crown pneumonia epidemic situation

Announcement on prevention and control work

Haiphong Lingshou [2021] No. 4

In order to effectively strengthen the city’s epidemic prevention and control work during the Dragon Boat Festival, To implement detailed and normalized prevention and control measures, the relevant matters are hereby announced as follows:

  1. Advocate for local festivals. It is recommended that the general public temporarily postpone their travel during the Dragon Boat Festival. If they really need to travel, they must report their itinerary to their unit; if not necessary, they should not go to overseas, domestic areas with high risk of epidemics or local cities that have declared closed and closed control areas. Try to avoid participating in crowd gathering activities, and encourage the use of WeChat, the Internet, and the telephone to greet family and friends.

Second, reduce the flow of personnel. People from overseas and domestic high-risk areas should be postponed to come (return) to Haining, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province, Foshan, Zhanjiang, Shenzhen and other places who come (return) to Haining, please strictly abide by the local epidemic prevention requirements. For those who have visited (returned) Haining in the county (city, district) where the domestic epidemic is at high risk in the past 14 days, they must take the initiative to report to the village (community) or where they live after arriving in Haining.Hotel (hotel) report.

Three,”non-essentially not held.” Organizing gatherings of more than 300 people should develop epidemic prevention and control plans and emergency plans, and carry out risk assessment , And report to the Municipal Office of Prevention and Control for the record. All kinds of gathering activities must implement the personnel health declaration system. During the activities, the normalized epidemic prevention and control measures such as temperature measurement, bright code, wearing masks, 1 meter noodles, disinfection and ventilation, and dining management must be strictly implemented.

Fourth, detailed prevention and control measures. All towns (sub-districts) should strengthen the investigation of personnel coming to (return) from Haining in key areas of the epidemic, strive to grasp the personnel dynamics as soon as possible, and implement them in a timely and accurate manner.Health management all work, and properly and meticulously strengthen the guidance and services of relevant personnel. Strictly implement the 7-day home health observation measures for people returning to Haining after the entry and centralized quarantine period, do not go out unless necessary, and do personal protection throughout the entire process, and go to the nearest fever clinic for diagnosis and treatment.

Fifth, strengthen place control. Continue to insist on train, passenger car, Bus and other public transportation means and transportation stations, as well as key units such as medical institutions, schools,”one old and one small” service institutions, shopping malls, supermarkets, cinemas, parks The epidemic prevention and control measures in scenic spots and other places where people gather are not slack, and the requirements for temperature measurement, bright code, and wearing masks are standardized and implemented.

Six. Strengthen personal protection. The general public must adhere to the good habits of frequent ventilation at home, regular wearing of masks when going out, maintaining the”one-meter noodle” in public, and washing hands frequently, not gathering, and not getting together.

The Municipal Leading Group for the Prevention and Control of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic will dynamically adjust the prevention and control measures according to the epidemic situation and prevention and control requirements.

Haining City New Coronavirus Pneumonia Epidemic

Prevention and Control Work Leading Group

June 10, 2021

Source:Haining City New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Work Leading Group, Wenzhou New Coronavirus Pneumonia Outbreak Prevention and Control Work Leading Group Office, People’s Daily Client