About 10 countries say “no”! Germany and France’s proposal to restart the EU-Russia summit was rejected

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China News Service, June 25. According to Agence France-Presse, on the 25th local time, German Chancellor Angela Merkel stated that EU leaders rejected Germany and France’s proposal to resume meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

At the EU summit in Brussels, Merkel said after meeting with EU leaders: “It is impossible for us today to reach agreement on an immediate high-level meeting.”

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Merkel said that the leaders People have agreed to maintain and develop a “form of dialogue” with Russia.

She said: “I would have liked to see a bolder step in this regard, but this is also a good thing, and we will continue to work towards this.”

Lithuanian President Nause Da said that the relationship between the EU and Russia is deteriorating and that “there will be no EU leaders-level meeting with Russia.”

About 10 countries say “no”! Germany and France’s proposal to restart the EU-Russia summit was rejected


p > Last week, after US President Biden held talks with Putin in Geneva, Germany and France proposed at the last minute to resume their meeting with Putin, which caught EU member states by surprise.

Many member states, especially Eastern European countries, have expressed their opposition, and they are still very cautious.

According to the Russian Satellite Network, the Russian President’s Press Secretary Peskov also confirmed that the initiative to hold a summit between Russia and the European Union was proposed by Merkel and was supported by French President Macron and should be discussed by the European Union. At the same time, it is important to understand whether all EU member states agree to Russia’s talks with the EU.

According to a source, during the discussion, representatives of about 10 countries “sent a signal” that they did not like the idea itself, or did not like the idea to be put forward without any preparation.

Reported that the last summit between EU leaders and Putin was in early 2014.