After “Beijing Eight Minutes”, embark on a journey of spreading Winter Olympic culture

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Guo Luyang, a student from Beijing Sport University, participated in “Beijing Eight Minutes” at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics

After “Beijing Eight Minutes”, embarked on a journey of spreading Winter Olympic culture

< p>After “Beijing Eight Minutes”, embark on a journey of spreading Winter Olympic culture

Guo Luyang, member of the Beijing Winter Olympics Propaganda Team. Photo courtesy of the Press and Propaganda Department of the Beijing Winter Olympics Organizing Committee

On the evening of February 25, 2018, at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, “Beijing Eight Minutes”, Chairman Xi Jinping gave a video speech with hundreds of millions of Chinese people, A kind invitation to Beijing 2022 was sent to the world.

This time “Eight Minutes in Beijing” left a deep impression on hundreds of millions of viewers. Among them, 24 roller skating actors and 24 robots brought performances that brought people a fusion of technology and culture. Audiovisual feast.

The 24 roller skaters and 24 intelligent robots with transparent light-emitting screens came to the stage as a symbol of the 24th Beijing Winter Olympics. These 24 actors are all from Beijing Sport University. They use high technology to achieve image changes, leaving a gliding trajectory on the stage.

With the cooperation of roller skating teenagers and robots, the line patterns of ice and snow sports are slowly displayed on the stage, three-dimensional interpretation of winter sports such as ice hockey and curling. The 24 actors turned into ice hockey sticks, passing the projected hockey puck across the transparent screen, splashing countless ice flowers; afterwards, they hit the curling and collided with the transparent screen, creating a dazzling halo that covered the audience.

Among the members of the Beijing Winter Olympics propaganda team, Guo Luyang, a student from Beijing Sport University, is one of the 24 roller skating actors. Recently, Guo Luyang accepted an interview with the Beijing News to tell the behind-the-scenes story of his participation in the performance. Guo Luyang told reporters that the straight-line distance from Beijing Changping to Pyeongchang, South Korea is only 600 kilometers, and the voyage is only one hour, but they have been preparing for more than three months in order to bloom at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. “Beijing Eight Minutes”.

Persistent training for 10 hours at minus 15℃

The Beijing News: Do you remember when you received the assignment to perform at the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics ?

Guo Luyang: It was a day in mid-November 2017. We received a mysterious mission to form a team to participate in a performance. Everyone is very surprised, let a group of big and small sportsmen perform? Can this work?

We came to the Changping closed training base and learned that it was preparing the program for the handover ceremony of the closing ceremony of the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, and a three-month closed training was required. It is these more than 90 days of closed training that have left a deep mark in my heart, which I will never forget.

The Beijing News: You only know the specific tasks when you arrive at the training base. Did you start training right away?

Guo Luyang: The first day of training gave me a “get off the horse”. At 7 o’clock in the evening, the director summoned all of us to “gather on the round stage for the first training.” We drove all morning in the car that day, and had an afternoon mobilization meeting. Before drinking a sip of hot water, we ran to the training ground. At the beginning, there was no projection equipment, and we were not familiar with the line. We could only draw the line of our sliding on the stage with chalk stroke by stroke. In this way, we drew from 7 o’clock in the evening to 11 o’clock in the evening.

We trained for 4 hours continuously when the temperature was only minus 18℃. We held different colored chalks and kept drawing patterns on the ground. After a while, his hands were blown by the wind as if he was unconscious. The classmates would rub their hands and stomped their feet after drawing for a while. I think that was the coldest night in my life.

Time flies quickly. Soon we passed the days of familiarizing the route in the early stage, and ushered in the stage of choreographing and performing actions. And since then, we have truly ushered in the difficulties and trials that accompany us. We have to complete a series of dance moves with music on the basis of accurately skating and completing hundreds of line patterns. This is a combination of sports and art, and it is undoubtedly difficult for us sports students.

The Beijing News: The environment is still relatively difficult. At that time, everyone persisted? How did you do it?

Guo Luyang: What impressed me the most was on the 21st day when I arrived in Changping, the temperature was minus 15℃, and the students were so cold that they couldn’t bear it, but they still had to train for up to 10 hours. We were wearing roller skates, sweat was frozen in the shoes, and there was no feeling in our feet. We needed heating and hot water to slow down when we returned to our residence. At the end of the training day, we hugged each other tightly, comforted and encouraged each other, and then folded our hands together and shouted in unison: “Chinese team! Come on!”

However, the hard environment and the pressure of training Surrounding us all the time, the whole team began to become sluggish. Although the route and movements were already well memorized and the cooperation was perfect, they always felt unable to boost their energy. The special teacher gathered us together and said to us, “Do you know that for someone like me who engages in ice and snow sports, coming to the Winter Olympics is our lifelong dream!” At this point, the teacher choked. This sentence deeply touched each of us. We realize that this is not an ordinary performance. What we carry is the fighting spirit of China’s ice and snow sports eager to show its style in the Winter Olympics. It is the Chinese people’s eager anticipation for the Winter Olympics, and it is also a message to the people of the world. Sincere invitation.

At that moment, the sense of honor and responsibility became our infinite strength. Before each training, the director will give us a song time to complete a set of planks. At this time, a song called “Drum Tower” will be heard above the circular stage. Within 4 minutes and 31 seconds, every time For a second, I told myself to raise my head, straighten my chest, and straighten my back! Seeing a classmate who couldn’t stand it, I would gritted my teeth and shouted: “Hold it! Brothers! Come on!” Later they gave me the nickname “Positive Energy”.

The Beijing News: In the days leading up to the official performance, it went well?

Guo Luyang: On the penultimate day of the performance, we encountered heavy fog with extremely low visibility. There was a strong wind the next day, and there was a rare heavy snow the day before the performance. During the rehearsal, we had one roller skate. It was very slippery when we touched the water. We fell ten people. Faced with this situation, we could only redesign and compile a performance plan within 24 hours to deal with this extreme weather.

Unexpectedly, on the closing day, the sky was beautiful and the sun was shining. It was the best day since we arrived in Korea. With the sound of eight minutes of music, we almost completed the performance almost perfectly, and issued an invitation to the world to “Meet in Beijing in 2022”.

The moment the wheels left the round stage, I saw the teachers and directors off the field waving at us, I slid towards them, everyone hugged tightly and cried together. I screamed in my heart: We did it. Expressing the hard work and dedication of these three months, the Winter Olympics officially enters the Beijing cycle at this moment.

Being an ice hockey coach allows children to feel the charm of the Winter Olympics

Beijing News: After returning to China after the performance, what else did you do in relation to the Winter Olympics?

Guo Luyang: At the end of 2018, I was in my junior year. In response to the call of the country, I participated in the Chinese ice hockey cross-border training camp organized by the China Ice Hockey Association. This selection was to expand the number of ice hockey players and improve the level of ice hockey competition in China.

Foreign teachers trained us for a year and a half. At that time, there were three or four teams participating in the training, each with more than 20 people. We train every day, and I also participate in training with the dream of becoming an athlete.

The Beijing News: Participating in the performance of “Beijing Eight Minutes” and participating in the national training camp have brought a lot of changes to your life, right?

Guo Luyang: Yes, then I went to Switzerland to re-acquainted with the sport of ice hockey, and felt the culture of ice hockey and the culture of winter sports. After returning to China, whether you can become an athlete or not, you should spread the knowledge and culture of the Winter Olympics to the public, and at least you can understand and participate in this sport.

After the training camp, I went to the ice rink near Beijing Sport University to be an ice hockey coach. The trained skills are also taught to children, so that they can feel the charm of the Winter Olympics and spread the culture of the Winter Olympics.