After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…

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Refer to the report of the News Network on June 15 (article/Tang Lixin)

It is the consistent style of the United States that lip service is not true. For some U.S. politicians, what has been said is equivalent to what has been done. As for the implementation, they do not know that they will have to wait until the year of the monkey.

But sometimes, when the United States does act, it makes itself even more embarrassed.

On June 14, the U.S. Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago solemnly released a message on its official Twitter: The U.S. donated vaccines to Trinidad and Tobago .

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…

▲U.S. Embassy Screenshot of the Nida and Tobago Embassy Twitter

The word count is indeed very small, but the matter… is really not big: the tweet attached to the picture shows that the US embassy’s large-scale promotion of this batch of vaccine aid turned out to be only 80 Bottle (each bottle can be inoculated 5 doses)!

The thunder was so loud and the rain was so small. Many foreign netizens felt funny, confused and angry after learning about the incident, and couldn’t help but start “fancy teasing” at the US Embassy.

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(1)

▲Did you miss How many zeros?

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(2)

▲Do you think There are only two people in this country, one is Trinidad and the other is Tobago?

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(3)

▲The number of your tweets More vaccines than you donated!

Someone bluntly pointed out that instead of donating 80 bottles of vaccines in the United States, it is better not to donate, because this is really an insult. And the United States has made this matter public, and should be ashamed.

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(4)

▲You are not as good as this Not sending it is really insulting.

Although the National Security Agency of Trinidad and Tobago explained to the media that this batch of vaccines was just a “gift” donated by the United States to this department, rather than a large-scale donation that Tribeca had expected, so there were only 80 bottles. But this also confirms from another angle that the U.S. Embassy is actually exaggerating the promotion through word games. After all, the tweet did not explicitly say that it was donated to a government department in Trinidad, but that it was donated to Trinidad and Dopa. brother.

In fact, “the vaccine has not moved, the speaker goes first” has become the usual routine in the United States. US President Biden announced in mid-May that the United States will send 80 million doses of vaccine overseas by the end of June, but NBC reports show that as of the end of May, the United States has not issued a dose of vaccine overseas. .

While attending the Group of Seven (G7) summit recently, Biden announced a plan that sounds more ambitious: the US government will purchase 500 million doses of Pfizer vaccine, which will be approved by the WHO The organization-led “New Coronary Pneumonia Vaccine Implementation Plan” (COVAX) was donated to some of the poorest countries in the world. Coupled with plans announced by other members, G7 has promised to donate 1 billion doses of vaccines.

Although G7 has expressed a lot more “generous” than in the past, some activists are still dissatisfied with it. Reuters quoted relevant sources as saying, “What the world needs is to have vaccines now, not later this year. We urge G7 leaders to show more ambition.”

However, compared to To provide more vaccines to the world faster, the United States seems to put more “ambitions” on competing with China.

US Consumer News and Business Channel (CNBC) reported on June 10 that China is a major vaccine supplier to developing countries. Now the United States is catching up. Some experts believe that the United States will become China’s A “strong competitor” in the field of “vaccine diplomacy”.

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(5)

▲ US CNBC website reported Screenshot

What is China’s attitude toward the “menacing” America?

Unlike the United States, it’s not like the United States who looks around and is jealous, but China’s attitude is very open: happy to see it happen.

At the regular press conference of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on June 10, Spokesperson Wang Wenbin pointed out in response to inquiries: “Everyone knows that the US has always said that US vaccines should be given priority to American people. Now the US proposes To donate vaccines to COVAX, we hope that the U.S. can act as soon as possible.”

On June 12, the spokesperson of the Chinese Embassy in the United Kingdom once again stated: “The current COVID-19 pandemic is still raging around the world, and the virus frequently mutates. , The number of confirmed cases in some countries has increased significantly. We hope that developed countries can provide more help and support to developing countries, and hope that the assistance promises of relevant countries can be fulfilled.”

China really has no fears Although the American media always emphasized in their reports that China is almost the “only major player” in providing vaccines to developing countries, it should be noted that this situation is not caused by China’s generosity, but by China’s generosity. Caused by the stinginess of the United States.

According to WHO Director-General Tan Desai, to achieve the goal of vaccinating 70% of the world’s population, at least 11 billion doses of vaccine are needed. I am afraid that such a large number cannot be achieved by any country alone. Now the United States has at least changed its attitude towards vaccine supply. Why not do it?

I wanted to “attack” China, but instead gave China an “assist.” This situation and this scene seem to have known each other before.

In the field of infrastructure construction, after China proposed the “Belt and Road” initiative, it has been widely welcomed. Many countries have actively participated. This has aroused the vigilance of the United States. The United States has repeatedly stated that it will unite its allies on the “Belt and Road” initiative. Initiating a challenge, at the APEC Business Leaders Summit in 2018, the then US Vice President Pence alluded to the “Belt and Road” in his speech and promised that the US would provide US$60 billion in infrastructure financing for the Asia-Pacific region.

In this regard, the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Geng Shuang said, “No matter what the purpose of the US side, such a commitment is conducive to helping the development of regional countries. It is a good thing. China welcomes it. “.

He also pointed out at the time, “We also noticed that there are some discussions about whether the United States can fulfill its promises and whether it will lip service to the truth. We hope that this worry will not become a reality.”

Unfortunately, worries have become a reality, and the US$60 billion promise of the US finally has no more details.

The “60 billion pie” of the Trump administration in the United States is not round, but the Biden administration did not learn a lesson. Instead, it drew a bigger “40 trillion pie.” The White House website recently issued a statement saying that Biden and other G7 leaders discussed strategic competition with China and proposed a plan called “Rebuilding a Better World” to help meet the US$40 trillion infrastructure needs of developing countries. .

It sounds good, but where does the money come from? Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao pointed out that the G7 member countries have faced soaring debt deficits in recent years. Biden’s $2.3 trillion domestic infrastructure plan was also forced to shrink and was strongly opposed by the Republican Party. The New York Times also reported that the White House did not provide any financial commitments, and there are sharp differences between the United States and its allies on how to deal with the rise of China.

Not only could it not persuade domestic opponents and foreign allies, the Biden administration’s “Rebuilding a Better World” plan was also ridiculed by overseas netizens. Some people say that this plan is the perfect embodiment of a blank check. While the United States destroyed the infrastructure of other countries through the so-called “war on terrorism,” China has been building infrastructure in developing countries that can improve people’s lives. Others said that they are still waiting for the United States to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan.

A similar comparison between China and the United States has also appeared in the field of vaccines. Some overseas netizens said that in sharp contrast with the United States, China donated a batch of new crown vaccines to Trident as early as May. A batch of vaccines will arrive in Trinidad and Tobago. This shows that China views the COVID-19 pandemic as a humanitarian crisis, while the United States only sees it as a business opportunity.

“My country is so embarrassing.” An American netizen replied.

After comparing the performance of China and the United States, American netizens said: “Our country is too embarrassing”…(6)