Against the Maldives, the national football team is ready to get the goal difference.

By yqqlm yqqlm

Source:Tianjin Daily

News from this newspaper (Reporter Zhao Rui) At 1 am Beijing time on the 12th, the Chinese team will usher in the second battle of the”three major battles” , Against the Maldives team. Although the opponent’s strength is limited, the Chinese team still pays enough attention.

If this round scores another 3 points, in the case of 5 games in the same match, the Chinese team will overtake Oman, Iran, UAE, and Uzbekistan The four teams are equal to the Lebanon team, which is temporarily ranked first. I believe everyone knows what this means. In a Group H match yesterday, the Lebanese team lost 2:3 to Turkmenistan, and there was one remaining match against the South Korean team, which strengthened the Chinese team’s favor.

Although the outside world has paid special attention to the qualifying situation of the Chinese team in recent days, various reasoning and assumptions have emerged one after another, and there are not a few who are optimistic. However, the Chinese team still maintains restraint and no one talks about the top 40 match. The”math problem” of qualifying, at least no one has touched this topic in public. The team prepared for the match with the Maldives team step by step. Everyone knows the reason why they should eat a bite. In the next day of the China-Philippines battle, the bench players competed in 7 vs. 7 groups. Li Tie is likely to be selecting the rotation players to rest the players in the key positions of the two consecutive games, so as to accumulate energy for the contest with the Syrian team. , Alan, Hao Junmin, etc. have had the experience of playing off the bench and will be the players considered by the coaching staff. Muscle strain of Wei Shihao is reported to be fine and has the conditions to play, but whether Li Tie will let Wei Shihao continue to rest out of insurance, will still be subject to the team doctor’s opinion.

The battle between China and Malaysia must not only win, but also take as many as possible Goal difference /span> In the hot UAE, achieving this goal is still somewhat difficult. The Chinese team needs to score as soon as possible and improve offensive efficiency. In addition, judging from the two games that have been played, the problem of the Chinese team’s slow heat is quite obvious.