American doctors are shocking:injecting vaccines magnetizes the human body and can interact with 5G signal towers

By yqqlm yqqlm

Source:CCTV News Client

According to US media reports, on June 8, local time, at a meeting of the Health Committee of the House of Representatives in Ohio, a Anti-vaccine The doctor, as an expert witness, declared at the scene that “the new crown vaccine will be magnetized” and the key spoon can be sucked on the body. She emphasized that there are some unknown components in the vaccine that can interact with 5G signal towers.

These remarks have aroused heated discussion among American netizens. Everyone posted spoof photos with spoons all over their faces on social media, and some netizens joked:”So according to her, people are becoming Magneto.”

In fact, about the”vaccine meeting” The conspiracy theory of”magnetizing the human body” has previously been rejected by many medical experts and physicists. The existing new crown vaccines do not contain metals and microchips, and the vaccinators will not produce magnetism after injection.