Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship: Chaoyang Youth Team becomes big winner

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Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship: Chaoyang Youth Team becomes big winner

A group photo of the participating players. Photo courtesy of the organizing committee

China News Service, Beijing, June 21. The reporter learned from the tournament organizing committee that the “China Sports Lottery Cup” 2021 Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship will be held in Beijing on the 20th. The country golf club came to an end. A total of 88 youth players, representing the six municipal districts of Chaoyang, Dongcheng, Fengtai, Haidian, Shunyi and Tongzhou, participated in the tournament.

The competition is hosted by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and Beijing Municipal Education Commission, supported by Beijing Sports Lottery Management Center, and hosted by Beijing Century Tengfei Sports Culture Development Co., Ltd. for the fourth consecutive year. After two days of competition, the individual and team championships of 6 categories including men and women U12, U13 and U16 were finally released.

In the men’s U15 group, the Chaoyang District player Hou Zenghao, who took the lead in the first round, once again shot 70 and won the championship with two rounds of 140 (-6). Yu Hanjie, who played on behalf of the Shunyi District, played very well in the second round. He caught 9 birdies and swallowed a bogey, surrendering 65 (-8), but it was a pity that he was dragged down by 79 on the first day. In addition to his results, he was finally ranked runner-up with a total score of -2. Another player from Chaoyang District, Zhang Xinhang, ranked third.

In the men’s U13 group, Dongcheng player Zhao Zhiyong shot 68 and ranked first with a total score of -7. Chaoyang player Li Chengxiang and Haidian player Huang Qilun both surrendered 75 strokes, but the former performed better in the first round, and the two also ranked second and third. In contrast, the men’s U12 group had no suspense after the end of the first day. Dongcheng player Pan Junlin took the lead. In the second round, he again surrendered 72 strokes, with a total score of -1, and easily won. Another Dongcheng player Wu Yuxuan and Fengtai player Liu Binghui have the same total score, but the former performed better on the back nine holes, ranking second and Liu Binghui third.

Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship: Chaoyang Youth Team becomes big winner(1)

Participate in this competition The team with the most players, Chaoyang District became the big winner. Photo courtesy of the organizing committee

Women’s champions in each category are still somewhat different from the results of the first round. In the women’s U15 group, Shunyi player Wang Tianlang shot 69, with two rounds of 144 (-2), overtaking Chaoyang player Chen Pinxi, who led the first round, to win the championship, Haidian player Dai Jingwen ranked third. The top three places in the women’s U12 group were taken by Chaoyang players, but Li Weixuan overtook teammate Liang Haoyue and won the championship, and Lu Hanyu won the third place. The only person in the women’s group who held the lead was Chaoyang player Shen Ruisi in the U13 group. She shot 72 in the second round and won the championship with 147 (+1). Fengtai player Zhang Heng ranked second and Haidian player Liu Yiyi ranked third. .

While the individual rankings have their own affiliations, the champions and runners-up of each group are also announced. According to the rules, the men’s U15, men’s U13 and women’s U15 groups have won the championship and runner-up. Chaoyang District became the biggest winner. They swept the championships of these three groups. The Shunyi District representative team won two runner-ups in the men’s and women’s U15 group. Haidian District ranked second in the men’s U13 group.

As the team with the most players participating in this competition, it is reasonable for Chaoyang District to become the biggest winner. Not only that, they have also achieved good results in the previous Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championships. This result is closely related to the great investment in youth golf by the Chaoyang District Sports Bureau.

“At present, the Chaoyang District Junior Golf Team has 142 registered players, 50 of whom participate in the competition, and there are about 20 teenagers who are able to compete for the championship in the competition.” Chaoyang District Junior Golf Team Head coach Zhang Jun said.

According to reports, although “children” golfers under the age of 12 account for most of the total number of young players in China, whether they can embark on a career path depends on the age of 12 to 18. Age performance and potential development. The Beijing Youth U Series Golf Championship is aimed at players of this age group, giving them a professional duel platform.

At present, “the integration of sports and education” is an important direction for the development of domestic youth. The Beijing Municipal Bureau of Sports and the Beijing Municipal Education Commission have jointly organized the competition for many years, precisely for the youth players to be able to play in both sports and education. “Mutual help and mutual assistance” allows young people to keep fit and follow the spirit of self-discipline in golf after studying. While playing golf, keep studying and use the power of knowledge to better understand the golf project and improve one’s own performance. Judging from the results of the competition over the years, the participating young players have benefited a lot. (End)