Body language will not lie to you, how much do you know?

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Body language is usually a subconscious action of a person, so he is rarely deceptive.

In reality, we usually observe and analyze other people’s body language and we can always learn the information that we may not get.

For example, people who have done bad things always seem restless, and keep them secretive and sneaky. There is always a smile on his face when he hears good news. When I hear criticism, my face always looks unnatural. Lying is always afraid to look into the eyes of the interlocutor. These facts cannot confirm the reliability of body language. Therefore, if you want to distinguish the authenticity of the human mind, you should first pay attention to its body signal, because only the body signal can reveal a person’s true thoughts.

Body language can provide you with a basis for judging authenticity, but you need to be able to master and understand body language proficiently. And once you can do the above, you can make body language work for you. This is a very important skill for you. So, please send it, and now start paying attention to your body language.

Every move Leaked secret

Communication means that the two parties communicate the information they want to convey through effective ways, and understand The information transmitted by the other party.

Psychologist Albert Hlabien tells people such a formula:total information effect=7%language + 38%intonation speed + 55%emoticons and actions.

So when you communicate with people, you should not only speak with your mouth and listen with your ears, but also learn to speak with your own expressions and movements and listen with your eyes.

At home, people do not look away.

When people lie, their bodies follow Showing a subconscious silent signal, the secret is leaked. If you pay attention to observation, you will find that some people often use the following common actions when lying:

  • Rubbing eyes:This action is actually for the brain to prevent some scandals from entering the exercise. And made a subconscious action. When people see something they usually hate, they usually rub their eyes. And when a person lied to others, he often rubbed his eyes, and accompanied by the action of bowing his head, the purpose is to avoid others staring at him.

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  • Cover your mouth:When people lie or see something they don’t want to see, they will subconsciously cover their mouth. Similar actions include covering your ears, or covering your eyes with your hands, and so on. Children make no secret of using these gestures.
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    < p>When someone feels that their status is lower than that of the other person, they will often lower their body height subconsciously in front of the other person because of inferiority.

    1. Knee-bending:This is a human behavior that reduces status and status.
    2. Head down:This is a very common body signal, and this kind of body language usually implies that there is a certain mentality of submission.
    3. Bow:This is a kind of etiquette. It is a body language that expresses humility and respect.

    Among many body languages, some movements have no communicative function. It is entirely due to personal random behaviors or physiological reflex behaviors, but if these actions occur in large courts Under the circumstances, it can bring negative information-the person concerned lacks education and is uncivilized.

    • Pick out ears, nostrils and wipe mouths in front of everyone.
    • In the public, I stab myself or others with my hands.
    • The body twitches, fingers twitching, and clinging to each other.

    Emoticons will not deceive you.

    In life, if people have doubts about the authenticity of other people’s words and actions, the most accustomed method is to observe the expression on the other’s face.

    1. Swallow:When you meet a stranger, or when you tell someone the good news that happened to you, don’t care what he says What, if there is a difficult swallowing action, this has accurately leaked a piece of information, and it is not his happiest thing to meet you at this moment.
    2. Yawn:Usually you think that when you are talking, someone else’s Yawning means just being bored with what you are talking about, but psychologists believe that yawning has a deeper meaning. He may be an escape method when he is unwilling to face difficulties, pain, and pressing problems. Method.
    3. Lightly touch the nose:This action is generally used to rub the underside of the nose several times quickly. Sometimes just a light touch, it is almost difficult to detect.
    4. Scratching the neck:Liars usually make this action when they are worried that the lie will be exposed.
    5. Rubbing eyes:When a child does this action, he may only express that I don’t want to see something. But when an adult is rubbing his eyes with his hands, he may try to hide the truth.
    6. Loosen the collar:It is usually an action taken subconsciously by a liar to relieve tension. Of course, sometimes the temperature is hot enough to make people take the same action.

    Brows‘s whispers.

    1. The eyebrows are raised:It means very happy or extremely surprised.
    2. Single eyebrows are raised:I don’t understand and have questions.
    3. Frowning:The other party may be in trouble or express rejection or disapproval.
    4. The eyebrows move up and down quickly:It means that you are happy, agree with you, or show kindness to you.
    5. BrowsInverted, eyebrow drop down:Explain a few paragraphs of the other partyAnger.
    6. Fully raised eyebrows:It means Unbelievable.
    7. Half raised eyebrows:a surprise.
    8. The eyebrows are lowered:to express confusion.
    9. All eyebrows are lowered:Something is furious.
    10. Brows tightened:It means that this is a person who is worried or hesitant in his heart.

    Understand the story on the lips.

    • Biting your lip:Biting your lip is often a kind of repression An expression of anger or resentment.
    • Cover your mouth:This is a fixed action of a liar.
    • Pouting:When attacking the opponent, pouting is very common.
    • Licking lips:It means that someone is not telling the truth, or someone is nervous.

    I hope you can understand more body voice and judge the information that others convey to you.