Bring substitute players to look for game status, Li Tie prepares to rotate the national football lineup

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Source:Tonight’s News

News from this newspaper (Haihe Media Sports Center reporter Wang Zi) After defeating the Philippines team, the Chinese team did not dare to let up in the slightest and quickly returned to the state of preparation. Although the Maldives, the next opponent in the Asian Top 40 World Preliminaries, is relatively weak, considering that the Chinese team needs to complete the dual goals of winning and rotation in this campaign, the coach Li Tie still faces certain challenges.

On the evening of June 8, local time in Sharjah, the Chinese team reopened for training. Li Tie divided the team into two groups. The main players of the Philippine team stayed in the hotel gym for recovery training. Substitutes and players who did not appear on the field followed him to the stadium to start preparations. During the training, Li Tie specially arranged group competitions within the team to help the rotating players find the state of the game.

It can be seen that Li Tie is preparing for the change. After all, according to the new schedule, the Chinese team needs to finish three games in nine days, facing great physical pressure. The Syrian team had nearly eight days of rest after the game against Guam. In this regard, the opponent has won at the starting line.

If nothing happens, Li Tie will significantly rotate the lineup in the match against the Maldives to avoid accidental injuries to the core players. In this way, how to improve the efficiency of the substitute players in cracking the dense defense will become the top priority in the training of the past two days. Fortunately, the Chinese team does not lack strikers, including Zhang Yuning, Yin Hongbo and others are capable of fighting, or will become Li Tie’s weapon to break the enemy.