Changhong’s brand value reached 173.629 billion yuan and hit a new high

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On June 22, the (18th) “World Brand Conference” hosted by the World Brand Lab was held in Beijing. The 2021 “China’s 500 Most Valuable Brands” analysis report was released at the conference. In this annual report based on financial data, brand strength and consumer behavior analysis, Changhong’s brand value reached RMB 173.629 billion, a new high.

Changhong’s brand value reached 173.629 billion yuan and hit a new high

The product is the carrier of the brand . Changhong is “user-centric”, enriching product scenarios and enhancing user experience. Last year, Changhong took the lead in forming a 5G+8K+AIoT ecosystem, and launched 5G+8K+AIoT series of new products in batches. In 618 and Double 11, Changhong’s 8K TV sales accounted for more than 80%. In 618 this year, Changhong’s products are also eye-catching, becoming high-end quality products pursued by upgraded users.

Changhong Meiling has closely followed the consumer’s health-conscious consumer pain points after the epidemic. In terms of refrigerators, the world’s first very clean series of refrigerators have been sought after by the market through technical upgrades of clean flavor and sterilization. In the air-conditioning product line, Changhong continued to develop new air. At the end of last year, it launched the Q6C, a dust-free air conditioner equipped with the fourth-generation intelligent cleaning and reverse-balance 57℃ high-temperature sterilization technology, and became the innovative air-conditioning industry with “three-season comfortable wind technology”. representative. In June of this year, the “New Oxygen Chamber” fresh air air conditioner with a large fresh air volume of 95m³/h and a room of 30 square meters that can be ventilated once an hour was launched, which established Changhong’s market position in the fresh air field and made health a Changhong New label for air conditioning.

While strengthening home appliances, Changhong consolidates its B-end business, releases its industrial advantages, and gradually transforms from home appliance Changhong to technological Changhong, enriching the extension and connotation of the brand. It is understood that Changhong focuses on the upstream and downstream value chain of its main business, and has a layout in multiple industries such as refrigerator compressors, IoT modules, rail transit power supplies, and 5G connectors. These companies under Changhong are serving more than one hundred well-known companies around the world to promote the transformation and upgrading of related industries. Taking Changhong Huayi as an example, it has become the main supplier of many world-renowned refrigerator companies such as Bosch Siemens, Electrolux, Whirlpool, Samsung, Haier and Meiling.

Changhong’s brand value reached 173.629 billion yuan and hit a new high(1)

Changhong is promoting industry transformation At the same time as the upgrade, technological breakthroughs have also benefited many related fields. For example, in May 2020, Huafeng’s supporting 5G communication equipment helped 5G signals to cover Mount Everest for the first time, and real-time images were transmitted to the world through Changhong 5G+8K TV, helping the members of the Chinese Surveying Mountaineering Team to successfully reach the summit.

In recent years, Changhong has continued to promote cross-border marketing and interact with young users frequently. “In order to let more users, especially young users, have a clearer understanding of the new Changhong, we also need to communicate and interact with these audiences in a more effective way.” Changhong news spokesperson Rao Binbin said that Changhong is actively deploying live broadcasts and short videos. Strengthen sports marketing and traffic IP, hoping to interact with young users frequently and bring them more valuable and interesting experiences.

According to our understanding, Changhong meets the needs of users’ scene-oriented shopping by means of live broadcast. At the same time, it built its own short video and live broadcast platform-Changhong Strawberry Station, to enhance user stickiness and strengthen brand imprint. Since last year, Changhong has relied on Strawberry Station and has cooperated with Chenguang, Sichuan Airlines, Sichuan Film Academy, Diamond Family, Xiaoling Toys, Jiang Xiaobai, Naixue and other cross-border cooperation to continue to create a “beautiful” CP, through cooperation with young and fashionable FMCG products. High-frequency cross-over, narrowing the distance with young consumer groups.

At the same time, Changhong continued its sports marketing and continued to inject vitality into the brand. In September last year, Changhong officially became a sponsor of the national badminton team, and jointly promoted the further prosperity and development of China’s sports industry through the “technology + sports” cooperation model.