Chengdu City Image Exhibition: Technology and warmth coexist

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Chengdu Urban Video Exhibition: Technology and warmth coexist

Chengdu City Image Exhibition: Technology and warmth coexist

In the Zhonghe exhibition hall, an art installation called “Zhonghe” is very eye-catching. It was inspired by the “carbon neutral” environmental protection concept by the young artist Huang Lu from Chengdu, using calamus leaves, bamboo sticks, and old people. Mountain vines, cotton, saponaria seeds, feathers and some “magic plants” made of recyclable old materials. The huge curly “leaves” and “flowers” are vivid and full of vitality, implying the green development concept of Chengdu that is fully committed to building a park city demonstration area. Continuously leaping under the guidance.

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The exhibition The fourth section of the book is called “A Day for Chengdu People”, which was created by Chen Chunlin, a well-known photographer in Chengdu. The two groups of pictures are named “Xiang·One Day’s Mirror”, and this group was taken in Kuan Alley in 2003 by Chen Chunlin.

On the morning of the 29th, the “Hundred Years·Thousand Faces·Ten Thousand Frames” Chengdu City Video Exhibition with the theme of “Hundred Years, Thousand Faces and Ten Thousand Frames” was grandly opened at the Eastern Suburb Memory International Art Exhibition Center.

This theme exhibition is sponsored by Chengdu Media Group and co-organized by Chengdu Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, Chengdu Park Urban Construction Administration, Chengdu Federation of Literary and Art Circles, and Chengdu Archives. It will continue from yesterday. On display until July 9.

Walking through the field, you can see a huge picture of the “park city under the snow mountain” under the party emblem shining on the front. The entire exhibition, in order of time, presents Chengdu picture scrolls of various historical periods over the past 100 years.

The images from 1921 to 2012 are the largest section, with Chengdu’s liberation, reform and opening up, and the 18th CPC National Congress as the time node, divided into 1921-1949, 1949-1978, The three chapters from 1978 to 2012 collected a large number of precious historical photos of Chengdu since 1921, recording and presenting the major historical moments of the city in the past 100 years.

2012-2021 is the second largest section of the exhibition, presenting the new development concept with four themes of “national central city, beautiful and livable park city, international gateway hub city, and world cultural city” Under Chengdu. The image of the third section is full of technology and futuristic colors-the theme is “A Day in the Park City under the Snow Mountain”, which was created by digital interactive artist Zhao Shiyu and his team.

Incorporating elements of technology and the future

Chengdu Business Daily-Red Star News reporter saw at the exhibition site that many citizens who came to visit were in the old I stopped for a long time before the photo, and the scene at that time has changed drastically now, which makes me feel nostalgic. The ingenuity and diversity of this exhibition amazed the audience-in addition to the static picture display, the addition of installation art and interactive immersive art scenes breaks through the conventional video exhibition mode and truly makes everyone present feel it When I arrived in this city, it was changing with each passing day, and I realized the happiness of being in it.

Teng Dasheng, the curator of this exhibition and an urban planning expert, told reporters that in the overall planning of the exhibition hall, the team adopted a streamlined surrounding design, focusing on the image of the “park city” and the rhyme of mountains and rivers. . A series of theme installations embodying the green development concept of the “Park City” were also set up on the site-there are elegant miniature landscapes of Western Sichuan Linpan, and there are also art installations named after the “carbon neutral” environmental protection concept.

“Although the exhibition is mainly video, what we have to do is to break through the static picture display, integrate technology and future elements, let the city flow in time, and let the audience be in the most beautiful appearance of the city Here, I can feel the beauty of city life in all directions, and on the basis of this feeling, I can follow the artist’s lifelike design to imagine the beauty of the future.” Teng Dasheng said.

Walk into the immersive experience space of “a day in the park city under the snow mountain”, the leisurely slow walking path is fascinating, and the weaving traffic on the road is cleverly hidden in the background, between the building and the building. It is connected by bridges and green plants, which is comfortable and natural. Zhao Shiyu revealed that the background sound of the exhibition hall is their carefully designed soft “white noise”. Sitting in it will feel very relaxing.

Every real detail is evocative

The fourth and final section of this exhibition is called “A Day of Chengdu People”, which was created by Chen Chunlin, a well-known photographer in Chengdu . The two groups of pictures are both titled “Xiang·One Day’s Mirror”. The first group was taken by Chen Chunlin in Kuan Alley in October 2003. He told reporters that he used to live near People’s Park and often went to Kuan Alley for tea. “At that time, the Kuanzhai Alleys weren’t what they are now. There were few tourists. There was only one tea shop. Most of the people who went to drink tea were locals.”

Many leisurely afternoons, Chen Chunlin was in the tea shop. Drinking tea while observing the pedestrians and having fun. “I also took a lot of street scenes at the time, but I felt that it was not enough to express what I wanted.” Chen Chunlin said, “One day on a whim, I asked a person who polished my shoes: Can I take a picture of you? He said yes, Then he stood up straight and asked me to take a picture.”

Chen Chunlin found the feeling all at once. So there is the first series of “Phase · One Day” series. He chose a corner of the wide alley and used white cloth as the background, but it would not completely obscure the details of the streets and walls. In this way, he photographed the whole day. After the photos were washed out and put together, Chen Chunlin found that the information presented in the photos was much more than what he usually revealed when he observed the person face to face—a scar on his arm, a hole in a sweater under his coat, and a bicycle. The newspaper tied up on the seat…every real detail of life is memorable.

In June 2021, after receiving the invitation of the curator of this exhibition, Chen Chunlin, who has no longer lived in the vicinity of People’s Park, went to the wide alley he was familiar with, and hung the background white cloth again. . “After 18 years, the structure of the crowd for this shooting has been very different. Most of them are tourists, and many young people are dressed particularly stylishly and behave more freely in front of the camera. They may be used to taking photos with mobile phones now. Is it relevant?” Chen Chunlin said.

Compared after 18 years, what is the feeling of the photographer in the face of people of different eras? Chen Chunlin smiled and said, “As far as the photo itself is concerned, all I have to do is to present it and leave the emotions to the audience.” Chengdu Commercial Daily-Red Star News reporter Qiao Xueyang Photographic report