China’s economy is recovering steadily, World Bank raises China’s economic growth forecast in 2021

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China News Service, June 30. The World Bank released a report on June 29, raising China’s economic growth forecast for 2021 from 8.1% to 8.5%. The Associated Press, Deutsche News Agency and many other foreign media have paid attention to this news and quoted the report saying that China is the world’s first major economy to recover from the new crown epidemic, and factory and consumer activities have resumed before the new crown epidemic. s level.

China’s economy is recovering steadily, World Bank raises China’s economic growth forecast in 2021


p > The World Bank stated that China is expected to vaccinate 40% of the population with the new crown vaccine by early summer of this year, and said that if the economy is to fully recover, it needs to continue to make progress in achieving mass immunization.

The report pointed out that the confidence index of Chinese consumers and enterprises have continued to improve recently, indicating that the labor market is in better condition, domestic demand is rising, and exports will continue to perform well.

The report also stated that due to effective epidemic control in China, economic activities continue to normalize. Although the new crown epidemic broke out locally in early 2021, through effective implementation of precise prevention and control strategies including large-scale testing, contact tracing, and local restrictions, the epidemic was quickly brought under control.

“China’s economic recovery has entered a more stable stage.” Bloomberg previously reported that in June, China’s economy showed signs of more balanced development, with a strong potential for growth.

On the other hand, the US financial magazine “Barron” on June 29 cited the “World Investment Report 2021” recently released by the United Nations as saying that although foreign direct investment in most parts of the world has Declining, China’s foreign investment in 2020 will still increase by 6%, reaching US$149 billion.

The report attributed this to China’s control of the domestic epidemic, the flexible growth of China’s economy, and the facilitation and liberalization of the investment environment.