China’s new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU debuts

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my country’s new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU debuted for the first time

China’s new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU debuts


The picture shows the new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU in motion. Profile photo

Our newspaper, Qingdao, June 23 (Reporter Liu Yanjie, Correspondent Deng Wangqiang) The “Fuxing” family added a new member. On June 22, the reporter learned from CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. that the national railways will implement the third quarter train operation chart of this year on June 25. The “Fuxing” intelligent EMU will expand the scope of operation. CR400 Qingdao Sifang CR400AF-Z The new “Fuxing” intelligent EMUs in two formations (8 standard marshalling) and CR400AF-BZ (17 super long marshalling) will be unveiled for the first time and will be officially put into operation.

Under the leadership of China Railway Group, CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd. has developed a new type based on the existing CR400AF EMU platform with a speed of 350 kilometers per hour, integrating new technologies such as the Internet, cloud computing, big data, and 5G. “Fuxing” intelligent EMU. The new car has been upgraded in terms of intelligence, comfort, safety, and convenience in operation and maintenance, and its service functions have been optimized again.

What are the highlights of the new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU that was unveiled this time? “First of all, the appearance is more stunning.” According to Wang Hao, the chief designer of CRRC Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd., the new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU adopts a new appearance, which is smart and beautiful. It adopts a low-resistance streamline head shape and a smooth curve, which not only enhances the sense of speed, but also optimizes aerodynamic performance, reducing air resistance by 3% to 5%. The body is painted with the “national flag red”, “forbidden city red” and “xianglong yellow” three-color bands, which are wavy around, resembling a “xianglong flying”. The new appearance is named “Ruilong Zhixing”, which means that technological innovation leads the great national rejuvenation, China’s high-speed rail leads the world to benefit mankind, and expresses the blessings of the prosperity of the motherland and the happiness and well-being of the people.

Wang Hao said that the ride of the new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU is also more comfortable. In addition to the optimization of the compartment seats, the compartment service facilities have also been further optimized. For example, a 29-inch widescreen TV is installed on the top of the carriage, which can display train operation status and entertainment program information on separate screens; the intelligent lighting in the bathroom can automatically adjust the brightness of the light and add the voice prompt of “No smoking”; the dining car is equipped with a vending machine, and passengers can Self-service purchase of drinks, fruits, snacks, etc.

In addition, from the perspective of operation and maintenance, new cars are also more intelligent. The whole train has more than 3,300 monitoring points, more than 700 more than the past EMUs, and holograms the running state of the train, bearing temperature and vibration, traction braking system, electrical circuits, pyrotechnics safety, passenger compartment environment, etc. Monitoring provides support for all-round fault diagnosis and maintenance to ensure driving safety. At the same time, the new car supports 5G vehicle-to-ground wireless communication, and vehicle status information can be “full data” transmitted to the ground in real time, which improves remote synchronization monitoring and maintenance capabilities; for the first time, the new car has developed a human-computer interaction intelligent display, intelligent maintenance, and Intelligent equipment and functions such as fault accurate handling guidance, handheld mobile terminals, etc., facilitate the daily driving of drivers and passengers.

It is reported that the new “Fuxing” intelligent EMU will be put into operation on June 25, serving many high-speed rail lines such as Beijing-Shanghai, Chengdu-Chongqing, and Xulan.