Chinese football is currently at this level

By yqqlm yqqlm

The only college student in the village, Wu Lei created penalties in two consecutive matches and broke the deadlock on the field. This is the result of his experience in foreign leagues, but our other players who have played overseas have been optimized by the Chinese Super League football. The teams either rent or buy, and they all come back. There are two kinds of football in the world, one is called Chinese football, and the other is called world football.

Once upon a time, the level of our men’s football matches that of Japan. In 20 years, the chairman of the Football Association has changed a few and will learn South America will learn Europe for a while, let’s see how Japan and South Korea are looking at us, now it’s hard to play the Philippines , To illustrate a problem, Southeast’s belly has improved, and we are regressing, or Stay in place, look at Qatar model…really 1.4 billion people can’t find 11 who can play football? .

Stay up late to watch the ball, the first 45Minutes the person who watched was angry, but his condition improved after 45 minutes. Calm down and think about it. Habits, China Men’s football is currently at this level, from individual technical and tactical level to physical fitness, at this level, as a fan You have to get used to at least 10 years, wait for Hengda Football School and Wanda The group of kids from Spain project has come out, let’s see if their level can be improved…