Comrade Li Jing passed away

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 10, State Administration Bureau, former deputy ministerial secretary Comrade Li Jing, May 9, 2021 He passed away in Beijing due to ineffective medical treatment in Japan at the age of 90.

After the death of Comrade Li Jing, relevant leading comrades of the central government expressed condolences and condolences to their relatives in different ways.

Li Jing was born in Anguo, Hebei in October 1931. Participated in revolutionary work in August 1947. From April 1948 to April 1951, he served successively as a teacher, a member of the working group of the county party committee, a publicity officer of the propaganda department, and a translator of the county party committee in Baoqing County, Songjiang Province. During this period, he joined the Communist Party of China in July 1949. From April 1951 to October 1953, he served as Secretary of the Confidential Office of Songjiang Provincial Government and Provincial Party Committee Office. From October 1953 to April 1959, he served as a secretary in the Confidential Office of the Central Office. From April 1959 to December 1966, he served as the confidential secretary of the Central Office. From December 1966 to June 1975, successively studied in the”May 7th” school Labor. From June 1975 to December 1979, he served as section chief and interviewer of the Bureau of Letters and Calls of the Central Office. From December 1979 to April 2009, he served as secretary of leading comrades, during which he concurrently served as deputy director of the Office of the National Economic Reform Commission from May 1983 to June 1985. Retired in April 2009.

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