CUBA quarter-finals “second home” is very lively, enhancing campus basketball culture

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CUBA quarter-finals “second home” is very lively, enhancing campus basketball culture

CUBA quarterfinals. Photo courtesy

China News Service, Beijing, June 11th. This season’s CUBA quarter-finals came to an end. In the end, Peking University, Tsinghua University, Beijing University of Chemical Technology and Xiamen University successfully advanced to the top four. Different from the pre-match system arrangement, the eight-in-four match adopts a home and away double-round match system, and a “second home court” watching event, which is thousands of miles away, is also in full swing.

Looking back at the quarter-finals of this season, there is the excitement of Beijing Chemical to advance for the first time, the regret of Guanggong’s reluctance to retire, the reluctance of Wu Tingjia to retire to bid farewell, and the domineering dominance of Li Yiyang to rule the audience… this The basketball feast, full of ups and downs, constitutes the most energetic, truest, and purest youth and youth of campus basketball.

The team finally has the opportunity to return to their home court. Naturally, it is the welfare of the home team fans. Almost every game is packed. The fans cheering at the scene were not only the teachers and students of the school, but also attracted many alumni to return to watch the game. Chairman Yao Ming played away to Shanghai Jiaotong University, and CBA player Wang Shaojie also cheered for his younger brother at home.

The final matchup of the CUBA Elite Eight was held in Xiamen. Taiyuan University of Technology, which was defeated at home in the first round, challenged Xiamen University away. At the Mingpei Gymnasium of Xiamen University on the day of the game, 3,000 enthusiastic Xiamen University students were sitting at the home court and cheering for the home team frantically. However, although it is an away game, the soldiers of the Taili basketball team are not alone.

CUBA quarter-finals “second home” is very lively, enhancing campus basketball culture(1)

Two at home. Photo courtesy

According to the organizer of the event, in Taiyuan, thousands of miles away, more than 400 Taili teachers and students gathered in the school’s basketball hall. The second home game of CUBA Warhorse is being held here. , They watched the live game on the big screen, cheering and calling for the basketball players of their alma mater. The fans sighed: “This atmosphere is really no less than watching a game on the spot, it feels like being at home.”

Before the game started, the big screen kept showing the highlights of the Taili basketball team this season. Before the start of the game, the Zhanma special agent had an interactive connection with the Taili fans in the second home field at Xiamen University. As the player representative of Taili Basketball Team, No. 1 Gao Jiayun expressed his gratitude to the fans on the screen and said that he would fight for the team and support his fans to the end.

As the top partner of the CUBA event, Warhorse, after the official release of the “War Horse Basketball Player” basketball promotion plan at the All-Star Game at the beginning of this year, has successively implemented a series of basketball activities. Although the Taili basketball team ultimately failed to create a miracle among the top four in the country, this special spectator cheer event undoubtedly further enhanced the basketball culture of Taiyuan University of Technology and made basketball a way of life rooted in the hearts of the students. (End)