Dialogue|Olympic champion Zhang Ning: I have also been marginalized for 9 years

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At the age of 29, he won the Athens Olympic Games for the first time; at the age of 33, he successfully defended his title at the Beijing Olympics.

For such “old age” to achieve such dazzling results, it will be difficult to connect with female badminton players before the arrival of the 21st century.

Dialogue|Olympic champion Zhang Ning: I have also been marginalized for 9 years

Selected as Chinese badminton in 1991 The team, retired at the top in 2008, has 17 years of national career. She binds the most splendid time of her life with the glory of Guoyu.

From the world’s number one, the first woman’s singles Olympic champion, to the Olympic champion coach, to the recent selection of the World Badminton Federation Hall of Fame, stepping into the highest hall of the world badminton…

< p>Zhang Ning broke through his own shackles all the way, crushed outside doubts, inherited the national badminton championship ambition, and created his own “Ning Era” of badminton.

Looking back on the 36 years of badminton, why would Zhang Ning say that he is a “lucky” person?

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Zhongxin Sports: First Congratulations on your successful selection into the World Badminton Hall of Fame. From the number one in the world, winning the Olympic champion, coaching the Olympic champion, to being elected to the Hall of Fame, how do you feel along the way?

Zhang Ning: I am very happy and proud to hear this news. First of all, I would like to thank the World Badminton Federation for affirming me. At the same time, I also feel that I am a very lucky person: I have won two Olympic championships as an athlete, and there have been many world championships.

As the head coach of the national team women’s singles, he led the players to almost win all important events from 2009 to 2012, including the World Championships, Uber Cup and Sudirman Cup, as well as in 2012 Won the women’s singles championship and runner-up in the London Olympics.

After leaving the national team, I began to work on the popularization of youth badminton, which was also recognized by everyone and the World Badminton Federation. I think I am a very lucky person. Thanks again and thank all those who have helped me and supported me.

Zhongxin Sports: What did you do as soon as you learned that you won this honor?

Zhang Ning: Because we all know that there is a Hall of Fame selection before, but we haven’t received any notice several times, so when the Chinese Badminton Association informed me that I was successfully selected into the Hall of Fame, I felt very happy. Shared this glory with my family.

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The former president of the Chinese badminton team Coach Li Yongbo and Wang Wenjiao, the pioneer of New China’s badminton career (right). Photo by China News Agency reporter Han Haidan

Sino-Singapore Sports: China’s badminton team has always been in the forefront of the badminton world since its development. More than a dozen athletes, including you and your master Chen Yuniang, have been selected into the Hall of Fame. How Regarding the inheritance of Guoyu?

Zhang Ning: For the development and improvement of China’s badminton sports, we must first thank Wang Wenjiao, Chen Fushou, Fang Kaixiang, and Chen Yuniang, these patriotic overseas Chinese, who brought advanced badminton technology and advanced training methods back to China. Come.

I have been fortunate enough to be taught by them. From them, I not only learned the true meaning of playing football, but also learned a lot of the principles of being a person and doing things.

The achievements of the Chinese badminton team are the result of the joint efforts of several generations. In the past few decades, Chinese badminton has summarized many leading training methods, methods and tactical guiding ideologies in the world. It is also because of this that Chinese badminton has been able to take a leading position on the world stage for a long time.

I personally think that the development of Chinese badminton has been well inherited in all aspects. From grassroots sports schools to professional teams to the national team, we have very dedicated coaches, and long-term accumulation has enabled them to master a wealth of methods of cultivating talents.

This is an advantage that we cannot replace compared with other countries. Therefore, although we encountered some difficulties some time ago, this is also a normal sports cycle. I firmly believe that Chinese badminton can continue to achieve impressive results in the Olympics and on the world stage.

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2004 Athens Olympic Games, The 29-year-old Zhang Ning won the Olympic women’s singles championship for the first time. Photo by China News Agency reporter Ren Chenming

China Singapore Sports: Many people define your career as a “late bloomer”. There must be unimaginable perseverance and hardships. Now it has gained the highest recognition in the world badminton. How Evaluate your career?

Zhang Ning: I entered the national team in 1991 and won my first world championship in 2003, which took 12 years. Frankly speaking, it is difficult for ordinary people to hold on for such a long time in the national team in this situation. In the past 12 years, I have tasted almost all the hardships, grievances and pains that I can taste as a sportsman.

At the 2003 World Championships, I was 28 years old. At that time, my peers basically retired one after another. Why can I hold on for so long? It is because I always have a dream in my heart, that is to stand on the podium of the world champion.

In my career, I can almost say that it has condensed the sufferings, grievances, injuries, and blows of many sports people… I clearly remember that in May 1994 In the Uber Cup final in Indonesia, the scene after I lost to host Zhang Haili as the third singles.

Due to my defeat, the Chinese team lost the chance of six consecutive Uber Cup championships. First of all, I am full of self-blame, and I am willing to use harder and harder training to make up for my shortcomings. . However, no matter how hard I tried, I still lost the position of the main player in the team.

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February 10, 2004 On the day, the Chinese badminton team’s world champion ranking ceremony, Zhang Ning (first from right) and other nine world champions were on the list.

After 9 years of silent or marginalized life and training, I suffered too much and suffered too many grievances. That period of time was nothing short of it for me. It’s suffering. During the same 9 years, I accompanied several generations of players to become world champions and Olympic champions, but I still stayed in place. Most of the time I could only serve as a sparring partner. I only know the kind of grievances and sadness.

Many times, I only shed tears in the bed at night, and I don’t dare to let others see. I don’t know how many times I have cried, and I don’t know how many times I have told the coach that I will not practice anymore. I thought, I had even written a retirement report many times and prepared it to be handed over to the leader.

However, because I was unwilling to give up, I was unwilling to give up the dream in my heart, so when the morning exercise bell rang the next day, I was the first to get up and stand on the training ground, even though I was just a fringe Team members or sparring.

In the end, I persevered. Fortunately, I also achieved many results that I didn’t even dare to imagine. There is no waste of suffering in life, and this is what I want to say. Now, although the pain of the past is still vivid, I still feel that I am a lucky person.

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Athens Olympic Games, Chinese badminton Athlete Zhang Ning wicked Dutch star Zhang Haili won the first gold for China’s badminton.

China-Singapore Sports: 29 years old, won the first championship at the Athens Olympics; 33 years old, successfully defended the Beijing Olympics. Any number and moment are of great significance to the world and China’s badminton. What does it mean to you Different meanings?

Zhang Ning: On August 19, 2004, I defeated Zhang Haili at the Athens Olympics. When I won the Olympic champion for the first time, the joy and excitement were beyond words. I remember that I jumped up and hugged the coach. At that time, I could even say that I was full of confidence for the first time: From then on, I can look down upon the world of badminton!

On August 16, 2008, when I won the Olympic championship again, I knelt on the field, tears shed instantly, because at that moment only I knew it, and I finally withstood it again The blow of the injury, withstood the doubts of the outside world, withstood the pressure of the game, and finally can draw a perfect end to his badminton career.

Winning the two Olympics is a completely different experience and feeling for me, but in retrospect, both are the best rewards for my tenacious persistence. So, I must say again, I am a lucky person.

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Zhang Ning at the Athens Olympics After the women’s singles competition, they kissed the gold medal in tears. Photo by Ren Chenming, a reporter from China News Service

Zhongxin Sports: We often say that a great athlete is something you can meet but cannot ask for. In your opinion, if you want to be such an athlete, you must have What are the characteristics?

Zhang Ning: Every athlete who persists and works hard is worthy of respect, even great. To become a great athlete in everyone’s mind, I think three characteristics are indispensable, that is: persistence, strength, and perseverance!