Dong Guanjie: Online movies need to win users with higher-quality works

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China News Service Client, Beijing, June 22. What kind of box office results can an online movie achieve? Is it possible for the audience to accept online movies with realistic themes? Many people may not even think of such a problem.

Actually, a realistic-themed internet movie has already earned tens of millions in the box office.

The reporter recently learned from a seminar sponsored by the Youth Work Committee of the China Television Drama Production Industry Association that the reality-themed online movie “Chinese Flying Man”, which was launched at the end of 2020, has received more than 25 million box office.

Dong Guanjie: Online movies need to win users with higher-quality works

In most people’s impressions Among them, the majority of online movie works are overhead, fantasy and other themes. Previously, online movies with a box office of over 10 million have rarely seen realistic themes.

So, how does the industry view this change?

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The Youth Work Committee member speaks . Photo courtesy of the conference

The structure of online movie audiences has changed drastically: urbanization and younger

“In recent years, works such as “The Great River” and “The Age of Awakening” have been very popular. “The Chinese Flying Man”, Dong Guanjie, founder and CEO of Qishu Youyu, believes that in addition to the overall environment and atmosphere, the audience for online movies is indeed changing.

He said that the audience for online movies is not just the fourth- and fifth-tier “small town youths” previously imagined. It is rapidly changing to second- and third-tier cities and even to first-tier cities. At present, more users come from second-tier cities. , Third-tier cities and even young users in first-tier cities.

At the same time, the audience has become younger. “The mainstream audience of mobile Internet is the post-95s and post-00s. These users grew up in the Internet age and have been in contact with the Internet since they were young, and the habit of acquiring information from the Internet has been developed.”

At the same time, Dong Guanjie believes that these young audiences who grew up in China’s rapid development period are more confident in the country, the nation, and their own culture.

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Dong Guanjie at the seminar site . Photo courtesy of the conference

Users force the industry to move closer to reality: quality and emotion

For this reason, the changes in the new user structure also bring some changes to the content of online movies .

Dong Guanjie told reporters, “Everyone’s aesthetics is improving rapidly. It’s no longer enough if we just do some relatively suspended and imaginative online movies. More audiences hope that in addition to satisfying their imagination, There is still a lot of content that needs some sentimental and quality, that is, more quality or more emotional substitution.”

In fact, the team led by Dong Guanjie is not the first time to make a realistic online movie. The previous adaptation of “The Donkey on the Tree” based on real events focused on the precise poverty alleviation work, with the “first secretary” as the protagonist, reflecting the face of poverty alleviation in rural areas.

But a few years ago, the whole team was obviously not as confident as it is today in such a realistic work. “After this work went live, we found that there were so many user comments and so many active participations, which gave us great confidence.”

Since then, the team has realized, “Users have changed. Up”. “They are really very different from the audience we previously imagined. This is a great impact for us, so we will do “Chinese Flying Man” again.” Dong Guanjie said, looking at it from this perspective , In fact, “users are forcing the industry to move closer to reality.”

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A group photo of the seminar guests. Photo courtesy of the conference

The creation of realistic themes is extremely difficult: de-suspending and realizing

However, in the eyes of the industry, the creation of realistic-themed works is much more difficult than overhead Type works.

“The creation of realistic themes is actually very difficult.” Dong Guanjie pointed out that if you make an ancient costume, magical, and fantasy work, the creator can completely rely on imagination; but the realistic themes are different. The biggest problem in creation is how to make the work realistic and not so “suspended”.

He also said frankly that many practitioners are relatively young now, limited by life experience and various aspects of experience, and are not very familiar with a certain field, so the creation of realistic themes requires a lot of collection and research. .

Dong Guanjie told reporters that although this is a big challenge for online film creators, as the industry becomes more and more mature, online films also need to win users with higher-quality works. (End)