Dragon Boat Festival Appreciation of Intangible Cultural Heritage

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China News Service, Beijing, June 12 (Xu Jing Du Yan) Lion dances, Chinese flags, Taiping drums… On the morning of the 12th, these rare intangible cultural heritage performances were unveiled at the Beijing Garden Expo for the public. Serve the “cultural feast” of the Dragon Boat Festival holiday.

2021 “Flower Blossoms and Fengtai” Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Garden Party kicked off today. The garden fair is divided into two major activity sections, online and offline. Among them, 17 sub-events and 10 theatrical performances are held offline, allowing visitors to enjoy flowers, folk customs, intangible cultural heritage, and performances during the Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon Boat Festival Appreciation of Intangible Cultural Heritage

In the Dragon Boat Festival Folk Custom Experience Zone, the staff will paint the forehead with realgar for the little girl. Photo by Yi Haifei

Appreciation of intangible cultural heritage: new experience of traditional culture

It is reported that the offline activities of this year’s garden fair continue the classic brand activities of the past, such as “Dragon Boat Race on Dry Land”, Dragon Boat Festival folk custom experience, etc. In order to break the geographical limitation of dragon boat races and innovate the modern experience of traditional folk customs, increase the fun and participation of dragon boat races by adding puzzles, sandbag throwing, and you play I guess obstacle races.

Hu Li, deputy director of Fengtai District Culture and Tourism Bureau, introduced that June 12 is the Cultural and Natural Heritage Day of 2021. In order to comprehensively promote the integration of traditional festivals and intangible cultural heritage Intangible cultural heritage, with the positive energy of non-genetic culture, this event will feature intangible cultural heritage performances to showcase the performances of intangible cultural heritage projects such as diabolo, Taiping drums, dragon dances, stilts, etc. in Fengtai District and other districts in Beijing, creating a colorful Dragon Boat Festival, At the same time that the charm is abundant, it realizes “the intangible heritage of the people, and the people share.”

Chen Yu, director of the Office of Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection of Fengtai District, introduced that the 2021 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Beijing West Flower Exhibition was the highlight of this event. The performance was organized by Fengtai, Haidian, Mentougou, and Shijingshan Districts. Linkage, “This is the first time that Mentougou, Fengtai, and Shijingshan three national Taiping drum teams make their debut on the same stage. Two of them are youth Taiping drum teams, showing the heritage of intangible cultural heritage,” she said.

In the Dragon Boat Festival Folk Custom Experience Zone, special areas such as Mulan Soup, Realgar Painting, Noodle Making, Chinese Classic Building Block DIY, and Colorful Rope DIY are set up for traditional culture lovers, national tide lovers, and gardens. Provides craftsmanship experience and game space.

In addition, a designated poverty alleviation booth was also set up in the garden fair: the deep mountain bazaar was launched to display and sell handmade products, gourmet specialties, cultural and creative products from the designated poverty alleviation areas of Fengtai District-Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, and Hebei. Tourists explore creative handicrafts, authentic specialties, and cultural and creative derivatives with national trends.

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p >In the ice and snow theme park, boys experience VR skiing. Photo by Yi Haifei

Population of Winter Olympics: Exhibition of Characteristics of the Times

This year marks the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. , Symphony and other themed performances, creating a “red” Dragon Boat Festival.

Among them, the Peking Opera performance “Hundred Years of the Founding of the Party·Liyuan Salute” pays tribute to the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Party; the recitation of “Children Ode to the Party · Celebrating the Dragon Boat Festival” incorporates elements of the Dragon Boat Festival, telling stories of revolutionary heroes and remembering the revolution with children Martyrs; the folk music performance “Folk Music Oriental: Ancient Rhyme Dragon Boat Festival” shows the charm of folk music with repertoires such as “Golden Snake Dance” and “Deep Night”.

Focusing on the theme of the centennial of the founding of the party, this event will also hold the “2021 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day Outstanding Intangible Heritage Works Exhibition” to select outstanding intangible cultural heritage works for display.

It is worth mentioning that, in order to help the Winter Olympics, this event built a Winter Olympics theme space, laid exhibition boards to popularize Winter Olympics knowledge, and conducted fun interactions. In the Winter Olympics theme space, the VR ski machine and dry land curling set up at the event site attracted many tourists. “After putting on the VR helmet, you can enter this skiing world, move forward with your waist and legs, and change the direction of your head…” In front of the VR ski machine, the staff explained the operation method to the tourists.

Cultural tours: boutique routes to welcome guests

At the opening ceremony on the 12th, Fengtai District Culture and Tourism Bureau released 6 cultural tourism routes of “Northern Red Star Changxin Store” , Focusing on the Centennial Erqi Factory-1897 Science and Technology City Cultural Tourism Resources, showing the unique customs of the old town of Changxindian and the red culture, historical culture and industrial memory culture of Fengtai District. At the same time, Fangshan District Culture and Tourism Bureau, which invited paired collaborations, released 15 fine tourist routes.

Hu Li introduced that in the former site of the early Beijing Revolution of the Communist Party of China, which was renovated, transformed and deployed in Beijing, Fengtai District Changxindian Erqi Memorial Hall, Changxindian Work-Study Preparatory Class in France, and the second Eight sites including the former site of the Seventh Massacre Changxindian (the former site of the police station), the tomb of the Erqi Martyrs, and the former site of the Changxindian Workers Club were included. Among them, 6 old revolutionary sites launched special exhibitions related to the Changxindian Workers’ Movement and the early revolution of the Communist Party of China.

At the same time, in order to make better use of red resources and inherit the red genes, Fengtai District Cultural Tourism Bureau sorted out 23 resources such as the sites of the early Beijing revolutionary activities of the Communist Party of China, industrial remains, and folk customs, and launched the “Northern Red Star”. “Changxindian” tour has 6 tour routes, namely: red culture half-day tour/day tour, industrial memory half-day tour/day tour, old town style half-day tour/day tour, which is convenient for tourists to visit.

It is reported that the “Huakaifengtai” Dragon Boat Festival Cultural Garden Fair has been successfully held for eight times since 2012. It integrates inheriting traditional culture, promoting family and country feelings, and enriching the spiritual and cultural life of citizens. It has become the realization of Fengtai District. Traditional festivals are one of the iconic brand activities that benefit the people and promote the development of traditional culture. (End)