Eight wonders of the earth, you have never seen it in your life

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This may be a sight you have never seen in your life. Today, the director takes everyone to see the eight wonders of the earth that subvert your three views.

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Eighth, 1000 kilometers long low-altitude cloud tube.

We came to Carpentaria Bay in northern Australia . There will be rows of weird celestial phenomena as low as only a hundred meters, that is, morning glory clouds rolling backwards continuously. They are like huge white cylinders quickly rolling across the low altitude, as if aliens in the heavens are grinding cotton cylinders. Sometimes more than a dozen rolls are rolled over quickly. In the Guinness World Records, the length of this morning glory cloud stick reaches 1,000 kilometers. This magnificent scene makes tourists wandering beyond the sky, refreshing and happy.

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Seventh, eternitythunderstorm

Venezuela has unique Continuous lightning. The weather forecast here is almost only one kind of weather, and that is thunderstorms. Lightning strikes for 10 hours a day, lightning strikes every 0.2 seconds, and lightning strikes more than 1.2 million times a year. This continuous large-scale arc is extremely shocking in the night sky. A lightning bolt is 5000 meters long and its intensity exceeds 400,000 amps makes the lake still bright at night within 400 kilometers of the lake, so Lake Maracaibo is also known as the Lake of Lightning Storm. The surrounding boats regard this as the best lighthouse, but no one dares to live here. Except for fear of being struck by thunder, the rumble of thunder also makes people unable to sleep peacefully.

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Sixth place:Blood Rain

Blood rain is a bright red Rain. At the southernmost end of India Kerala has been down many times. The panicked local residents thought it was a war in the sky, and the blood of the loser fell on the ground. However, after a bright red blood rain in 2001, biologists went deep into it In research, it was found that the red color in rainwater is because it contains a kind of red algae. But when the blood rain came again in 2012, people still worried that it was a bad omen.

Next we will explore what was discovered by the astronauts , A mysterious place that is suspected to be the ruins of Atlantis civilization.

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Fifth place:Eye of Sahara span>

In the early 1960s, an astronaut looked through a porthole Appreciating the scenery of the earth, he suddenly felt stared at by a wide-open eye on the ground, and his hairs were erected in fright. After a closer look, he discovered that it was in the Sahara Desert in Africa. A concentric circle divided into three layers, the eyeballs, pupils, eyelids are complete, and even the eyelashes are lifelike. On the ground, this is a circular mountain range with a diameter of 50 kilometers and an altitude of 400 meters, but how the Eye of the Sahara was formed is still a mystery. Some archaeological experts believe that this is the site of Atlantis civilization in Palla’s book.

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Fourth place:Long-legged rock

Death Valleyin California, USA >There is a stone that can move on its own. They seem to have their own souls, migrating from one place to another along an irregular track. After observation, we can see that not all the stones are moving, and they are not rolling forward by the wind, but walking close to the ground like long legs. People therefore deny the element of pure wind blowing. Until 2014, through time-lapse video, it was barely possible to explain this magical phenomenon through icing and sliding, but no one succeeded in repeating the experiment.

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Third place:Han Songdong

Don’t think that Xanadu is just a legend. In 1991, a lumber who lost his way in the primeval forest stumbled upon a huge cave. Inside, the birds and beasts were contented, and they couldn’t be found after they came out. This is Han Songdong in Vietnam. It was not rediscovered until 2009. It is considered to be one of the largest single caves in the world. The cave corridor is nearly 9 kilometers long, and there are more than 300 karst caves intricately distributed inside. The total volume of the cave is not yet known, but the part that has been surveyed is indeed like an underground wonderland, which can hold people from all over Vietnam to wash, cook and live normally in it.

Next we will introduce what is called hell on the earth Two places.

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Second place:Hell’s Gate span>

1971 Soviet UnionGeology in Turkmenistan A small village found an underground cave full of natural gas, but further drilling caused a landslide A large hole with a diameter of about 100 was formed. They tried their best to prevent the leakage of hazardous gas, and finally had to ignite the cave. So the fire has been raging here for 50 years, especially at night, the fire light illuminates the entire sky, just like hell venting its anger to the world, so here is also called the gate of hell. What is surprising is that tens of thousands of people come here to watch the gates of hell every year. They tried to grill food here, even braving the 1000 degree heat to try to enter the cave.

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First place:Death Styx

In northern Tanzania, Africa, there is a deadly Lake Natron. This place is also called Broken Soul Lake by the locals. Almost all animals that stray into it due to hunger and thirst have only one ending, that is, being here Sodium carbonate calcifies into a corpse statue, and it never decays. These birds and bats all over the lake, even the statues of the corpses of the bison still remain alive the moment before calcification It looks like a soul frozen in time, so it is called the Death Styx by the world.

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Because of the over-saturated mineral salts in the lake water, it has become one of the most corrosive water bodies in the world. The pH alkalinity is as high as 9.5 or more. And the temperature here during the day is 60 degrees Celsius. But this is not a dead world. There is an elegant red bird with extraordinary talents, and the harsh saline soil where other life cannot survive, but it is their paradise. Every year, more than 3 million flamingos gather here to reproduce. They regard the alkali-tolerant algae in the lake as Food, which also makes them dreamy bright red.

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The dead river Styx, where no grass grows, is in contrast with the flamingo that shades the sky, making visitors feel like they are outside Star world.


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