Epidemic sets high, ranking of”Most Livable Cities” announced in 2021

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Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, June 10 (Reporter Yuan Yuan) The British Economist Intelligence Unit released the 2021″Most Livable Cities” rankings, showing that the new crown epidemic situation has become a decisive factor in the ranking of cities. New ZealandAuckland was rated as the world’s most livable city for its better control of the epidemic.

According to British media reports on the 9th, the Economist Intelligence Unit comprehensively measured the level of infrastructure, education and medical resources in 140 cities around the world, and announced the world’s”most livable city” ranking on the 8th. The control of the new crown epidemic is a decisive factor affecting rankings.

“The Economist” reported that due to the early control of the epidemic and the removal of related restrictions, Auckland was rated as the world’s most livable city of the year. In the ranking results released in 2019, Auckland ranked 12th.

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A city scene taken in Auckland on May 10, 2018. (Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Guo Lei)

It is reported that New Zealand, Australia and Japan Other island countries are faster to prevent and control the epidemic, slow down the spread of the virus, and relax relevant restrictions earlier, so they rank higher. In contrast, many cities in Europe have fallen sharply compared to previous years, because their country was in the early stage of the outbreak The response was slow, and stricter restrictive measures were introduced later.

In the ranking of the most liveable cities in 2021, Europe only has Zurich, Switzerland and Two cities in Geneva are among the top ten, ranking seventh and eighth respectively. The Austrian capital Vienna, which has repeatedly topped the rankings, dropped from first in 2019 to 12th this year.

The other top ten cities are from New Zealand, Australia and Japan. Osaka, Japan and Adelaide, Australia ranked second and third respectively.