ESA Preliminarily Determines Voyage 2050 Mission Theme

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ESA Preliminarily Determines Voyage 2050 Mission Theme

In March 2019, ESA issued a call for Voyage 2050 ideas and received nearly 100 Different project proposals. These suggestions are organized into several specific scientific themes and assigned to thematic groups. These task groups are composed of many professional practitioners and scientists from different scientific professional fields.

These teams conducted a preliminary evaluation of the themes of these submissions and reported the results to a high-level scientific committee. The committee’s task is to recommend scientific topics for three large missions after The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, Athena, and LISA. The Jupiter Ice Moon Probe is a future mission to the outer solar system. It is equipped with advanced instruments. It will focus on the study of the connection between the interior of the ocean-containing satellite and the near-surface environment and search for potential biological features. This mission may include a landing Or drone.

ESA also hopes to undertake a mission to provide a detailed understanding of the history of the formation of the Milky Way. Of particular interest are the hidden regions, which scientists believe are the key to understanding galaxies in general. Scientists intend to study temperate exoplanets and assess the possibility of success and the feasibility of missions under the boundary conditions of large-scale missions.

The LISA mission aims to study how the universe was born, and will use the progress made in instruments to open potential new discoveries in space. Additional research and interaction between the scientific community will focus on the task of solving the subject. As for why it has to plan for such a long-distance mission, ESA stated that long-term planning is essential to ensure the success of future space efforts.