EU decides to extend economic sanctions against Russia Russia: will take countermeasures

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China News Service, June 26. According to Russian Satellite Network, on the 25th local time, European Council President Michel posted on social media that the European Union has decided to extend the seven-year economic sanctions against Russia.

EU decides to extend economic sanctions against Russia Russia: will take countermeasures


p > According to reports, Michel also said that the EU will continue to consider dialogue with Russia.

According to reports, the sanctions are aimed at the financial, energy and defense sectors, especially some Russian banks and companies’ access to the EU’s capital market, the primary and secondary markets; sanctions also include restrictions on Russian weapons, military and civilian Ban on import and export of dual-use items. In addition, the EU also prohibits the application and sale of certain oil production and exploration technical services to Russia.

The European Union initially imposed sanctions for one year on July 31, 2014. In March 2015, the time limit for sanctions was tied to the “full implementation of the Minsk Agreement.” Since then, the sanctions have been extended every six months.

In response to relations with Russia, German Chancellor Merkel also stated on the 25th local time that EU member states will continue to discuss various possible forms and conditions for dialogue with Russia and high-level talks with Russia.

On the other hand, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zakharova said that although Russia is ready to continue dialogue with the EU on an equal footing, such dialogue cannot set preconditions.

Zakharova emphasized, “Especially the threat of unilateral sanctions against Russia, Brussels is very clear that Russia will take reciprocal countermeasures against such sanctions.”.