European Cup: Holland wins and advances, Austria will qualify against Italy

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China News Service Client, Beijing, June 22nd. In the early morning of the 22nd, Beijing time, the European Cup ushered in 4 contests. This is the day with the most matches so far. The 8 teams in Group B and Group C have all Debut. In Group C, the Netherlands, which had won all three games, qualified for the top spot in the group, and Austria, which defeated Ukraine, won another right to qualify for the group.

European Cup: Holland wins and advances, Austria will qualify against Italy

Because before this show, The Dutch team has secured the top spot in the group, and the North Macedonia team has missed the qualifying team after losing in both games, so the result of this game has no effect on the situation of this group.

The unburdened North Macedonia team has aggressively attacked from the beginning, which put a lot of pressure on the Dutch team’s defense. Trichkowski scored a goal, but was ruled invalid for offside. In addition, Trajkowski also shot the goal post from a long distance.

After having withstood the opponent’s “three axes”, the Dutch team began to control the situation and took the lead in completing the goal. In the 24th minute, Depay and Mullen ripped the opponent’s defense line through their cooperation, and Depay finally succeeded in pushing the shot. In the second half, Wijnaldum scored two goals in the 51st and 58th minutes, and the Dutch team finally won 3-0.

This game is also the national team farewell match of North Macedonia captain Pandev. The 37-year-old veteran was replaced in the 68th minute of the game. Not only the teammates lined up on the sidelines to send off, the Dutch team also gave applause.

European Cup: Holland wins and advances, Austria will qualify against Italy(1)

First published in 2001 So far in the national team jersey, Pandev’s national team has played in 122 games. Including 38 goals, these two statistics are the best in team history.

In another game of Group C, the Austrian team defeated Ukraine 1-0 in the key game and qualified for second place in the group. Alaba assisted Baumgartner to score the only goal in the game. ball. The Austrian team will face the Italian team in good form in the knockout round.

The Ukrainian team with 3 points needs to be able to determine whether it can qualify for the third place in the relatively better group after the other group matches are over. (End)