Famous line:30 degrees north latitude line, a magical area

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30 degrees north latitude, mainly refers to Thirty degrees north latitude The range covered by five-degree fluctuations.

30°north latitude runs through the Four ancient civilizations, the pyramids of Egypt, the legendary Great West State, Mount Everest, Mali Yana Trench, Bermuda Triangle, Babylon’s Hanging Gardens, Dead Sea, Japan’s Dragon Triangle, Sanxingdui Cultural District, Shennongjia, Qiantang River Tide, Mayan Civilization Sites, etc. Scientists have discovered that these mysterious places have a common pattern-their geographic locations are mostly concentrated in one latitude Online and offline, this is what scientists call 30 degrees north latitude. At the same time, Nile in Egypt and Euphrates River, China’s Yangtze River, Mississippi River and other United States -gid=”15143581″ qid=”6548333851314230531″>The famous the rivers are all in the north latitude Enter the sea near 30 degrees.

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The 30°north latitude line runs through the four ancient civilizations and is a mysterious and peculiar line of latitude.

If we think carefully, we can know our planet Divided into two hemispheres:North and South, Continent plates are mostly concentrated in The northern hemisphere, the southern hemisphere is mainly ocean. At the same time, the temperature of the earth dropped from Equator to the north and south poles. The equatorial region has the highest temperature, and the south the North Pole is very cold. Therefore, the surrounding area of ​​30 degrees latitude is the most suitable place for human living. Therefore, the area of ​​30 degrees north latitude is the place where life is most likely to reproduce. This may be the reason why the four ancient civilizations were born at 30 degrees north latitude.

The 30-degree north latitude line on the map of China starts from eastHangzhou’s Hangzhou Bay, west to Tibet’s Ngari area.

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China’s 30 degrees north latitude has the following strange landscapes and mysterious phenomena:30 degrees north latitude traverses the entire Mainland China hinterland, crossing Tibet from west to east, Sichuan, Hunan, Hubei, Jiangxi, Anhui, Zhejiang and other major provinces and regions, the whole area is full of mountains and rivers, and is rich in products and culture. Mountains hidden in valleys, deep seas hidden mystery, coupled with countless vicissitudes of time buried by the years, so there are undoubtedly many little-known wonders and mysteries in this area. From the easternmost Hangzhou Bay at 30 degrees north latitude in China to the spectacular Huangshan Mountain; from the majestic Three Gorges of the Yangtze River to the vast Shennongjia.

It’s incredible that 30 degrees north latitude is not only A civilized zone is also a dangerous zone. The famous Bermuda Triangle is within its range, the Japanese Dragon Triangle is also nearby, and of course the Shennongjia area in China and Poyang Lake “The Devil’s Triangle”. It can be said that 30 degrees north latitude is a place where heaven and hell are integrated.

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Bermuda Triangle and Dragon Triangle are both accident-prone areas. Most of the aircraft and Ships entering these two zones are prone to accidents. Almost all the aircraft and ships disappeared in a short period of time, and there was no trace at all. There seemed to be a huge demon in this area, who could swallow anything he saw. Is it related to the alien civilization we are looking for? In addition, according to the research of scientists, the 30 degrees north latitude area is not only a dangerous area, but also an earthquake and air crash The hardest hit area.

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In the Dragon Triangle Area of ​​Japan, ships mysteriously disappeared, The submarine never goes back, the plane disappears out of thin air, etc., so this sea area has” The Bermuda Triangle in the Pacific is notorious.

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“Devil’s Triangle” in Poyang Lake. On April 16, 1945, the 2,000-ton Japanese transport ship”Kobe Maru” sailed to Jiangxi The Laoyemiao waters in the northwest of Poyang Lake disappeared silently (sinking to the bottom of the lake), and none of the more than 200 people on board escaped. After that, the Japanese Navy sent people to sneak into the lake for reconnaissance. Among the people who went into the water, except for Yamashita Dizhao, all the others disappeared mysteriously. After taking off his diving suit, Yamashita Takizhao has a mental disorder. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, the famous American diving expert Edward Boll and his team came to Poyang Lake and experienced several There was still nothing in the salvage of the month, except for Edward Ball, several American divers disappeared again. 40 years later, Edward Boll finally disclosed to the world for the first time his experience of losing his soul at the bottom of Poyang Lake. He said:”As we continued to look for the northwest along the bottom of the lake, a dazzling white light suddenly flashed at us not far away. Suddenly, there was a violent vibration on the calm lake bottom, and a giant whistling like thunder in our ears. The sound is rumbling, and a powerful attraction attracts us tightly…”

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China’s seismic areas are mostly within 30 degrees of latitude . Surprisingly, the world’s highest peak, Mount Everest, is also located at 30 degrees north latitude in China. This magical space belt not only has a magnificent world-class landscape, but is also a famous birthplace of civilization and a natural disaster prone area. Scientists believe that various mysterious events that occur at 30 degrees north latitude are related to the earth’s magnetic field, gravity, and electric field. But the specific reasons have yet to be scientifically explored. People hope that one day, they will know what is hidden in the mysterious 30 degrees north latitude.