FBI Director: The U.S. will continue to investigate the domestic terrorism caused by the riots

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Overseas Network, June 11, US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Ray said when attending the House Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on Thursday (10th) that the FBI determined that the congressional riots on January 6 this year were “local “Terrorism” and will continue to investigate.

FBI Director: The U.S. will continue to investigate the domestic terrorism caused by the riots


p > On January 6, local time, during a joint meeting of the Senate and the House of Representatives of the United States Congress, Trump supporters broke into the Capitol and caused riots. In the House of Representatives, the police held guns and confronted the protesters through the doors and windows.

According to the British “Guardian” on the 11th, Ray’s testimony was made when federal prosecutors accused six members of the right-wing militia of conspiring to attack the Houses of Parliament. The accusation was for investigating and handling congressional disturbances. The latest developments. Regarding congressmen repeatedly criticizing the FBI for intelligence errors before the Congressional riots, Lei pointed out that the FBI has arrested more than 500 people involved so far, and almost no of them have been investigated by the FBI, which means that the FBI is difficult to monitor them in advance, and he expects more people. For serious allegations.

On January 6 this year, a riot occurred in the U.S. Capitol, which caused many deaths. This incident is the first time the Capitol has been occupied since the British set fire to Washington during the War of 1814 in 1814. On June 8th, the U.S. Senate issued an investigation report on the congressional riots that occurred in January this year. It believed that multiple federal agencies seriously misjudged and did not fully share the relevant information intercepted, which was an important cause of the riots. (Overseas Network Hou Xingchuan)