Following black, white, and yellow mycosis, another case of green mycosis was found in India

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China News Service, June 18th. According to a comprehensive report, a new crown patient in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India, was diagnosed with a new type of fungal disease “green fungus.” This may be the first case of “green fungus” reported in the country.

It is reported that a 34-year-old male patient infected with “green fungus” was admitted to the hospital after he was infected with the new coronavirus and 90% of his lungs were damaged.

Following black, white, and yellow mycosis, another case of green mycosis was found in India


p >India Sri Arobindo Institute of Medical Sciences (SAIMS) representative Ravi Doji said: “This patient has found’green fungus’ (Aspergillus fungus) in his lungs. This is a discovery in Madhya Pradesh. The first case of Chloromycosis, but I’m not sure if it’s the first case in the country.”

India Asia News Agency (ANI) quoted Apoorva Tiwari, the regional data manager of the Indore Health Department, as saying that the man He has been receiving treatment in the hospital in Indore for the past month and a half. During the diagnosis process, he detected a green fungus in his lungs, which was different from mucor. He said, “This may be the country’s first case of green fungus.”

The Indian government previously stated that more than 31,200 cases of mucormycosis (or “black fungus”) have been found in the country. In addition, several cases of aspergillosis or (called “white fungus”) were also diagnosed. Indian medical staff discovered a third type of fungus at the end of May. At that time, doctors in Uttar Pradesh stated that three types of fungus were found in a patient’s body at the same time, namely, xanthomycosis, black fungus and white fungus.

In the past three weeks, the incidence of mucormycosis in India has increased by 150%. According to existing data, the country with the most mucormycosis cases in India is Maharashtra, with 7057 cases and more than 600 deaths. The top three patients with the number of patients also included Gujarat (more than 5,000 cases were found and more than 300 people died) and Rajasthan (nearly 3,000 cases were found and 188 people died).