For extramarital affairs, what do men fear most about women?

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Marriage is a beautiful thing, but the life after marriage is boring, and many men are sensual animals. They are also bored with their wives every day, so that many men can’t help it. The temptation from the outside world slowly derailed other women. Although many Nange have extramarital affairs, they both yearn for and fear extramarital affairs in their hearts, so what are men afraid of in extramarital affairs? There are often “four fears”.

For extramarital affairs, what do men fear most about women?

  1. Afraid of little women sticking to themselves


Men have families, those who have children and wives, generally cheating men do not want to give you any true affection, let alone divorce their own wife and then spend time with you, just want to have fun , Just for fun, enjoy the process, some are seeking new excitement, some are vanity, showing their own value ability with the number of beautiful women, even some are romantic, driven by instinct, like flowers and grass, etc., all kinds , The original intentions are different, but in the final analysis, I hope this kind of love comes easily and goes easily.

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On the one hand, they are afraid that things will be exposed and be caught by their wives Knowing that, on the one hand, they want to keep you and continue to enjoy their own chic life. Between the two, they will seek a balance. Once you are always attached to him, they will not have much time to go home. It is easy to be noticed by his wife and family, so this is what they are afraid of.

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Many women are willing to be men’s juniors, that is Because you have something to attract her, most of the time you get what you need. You covet her youth and beauty, and she wants your money and material. Once you get the bait, they will use all kinds of reasons and all kinds of excuses. , Ask you for property or benefits.

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In extramarital affairs, there are many women and men Fighting together has a clear motive and a simple purpose. The four words “only profit is a plan” are purely looking at some of the conditions and advantages of men and gaining benefits from them. The original intention is to come for profit, and the two sides are completely exploited and exchanged. Relationship, after a woman tastes the sweetness, she begins to lack greed, her greed is getting stronger, her appetite is getting bigger and more demanding.

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And some women really love you , And these women who fall in love with you are often more terrible than those who are greedy for your money, because they want to be in position, they will start to work scheming, through various methods, forcing you between her and your wife Make a choice, a little carelessness, you will be wronged, and the wife will be scattered, painful, difficult to end, in the phenomenon of extramarital affairs, this kind of situation abounds everywhere.

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We teach women to cherish and love at the same time In fact, our male compatriots should also learn to cherish and love themselves, cherish the hardship with you, and accompany your wife, take good care of your children, and do not covet the freshness outside and forget your own responsibility.

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In extramarital affairs, many men find lovers, They are often the kind of profligate and profligate women. These women are wild and unruly, and they are easy to be obtained by men, so men also like to find this kind of, because it is easy to get together, and it is easy, fun and fun to be together, and they often get together. Sandu is convenient and agile. This is a favorite object of derailment among men. They seem to prefer this kind of frivolous woman, but with them, there is also a fear, and it is easy to contract bad diseases. If you love your wife and your family, then please cherish and love yourself and take good care of your family.