Ganhu volunteers join hands with heroes of sand control: replanting a forest for “children by the desert”

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China News Service, Lanzhou, June 11 (Reporter Wei Jianjun) “Since 2015, more than 860 volunteers have participated in tree planting. In Inner Mongolia, Gansu and other places, more than 51,000 Haloxylon trees have been planted and completed. Multiple pieces of “Green Moving Future Love Forest” have reproduced the lushness of 510,000 square meters of desert.” said Kou Xuyang, director of operation of the “Green Moving Future” environmental public welfare platform.

This year is the seventh year that the “Green Future” environmental protection platform launched the desert tree planting charity line. Recently, the “Children by the Desert” charity tree-planting activity jointly sponsored by the China Association for the Research and Promotion of Ecological Civilization and SAIC General Motors Co., Ltd., undertook by the “Green Future” and co-organized by the Babu Sand Forest Farm in Gulang County, has once again entered the ancient Gansu province Lang Tengger Desert.

The “Children by the Desert” afforestation activity aims to organize and promote social volunteers to go deep into the desert and plant the love forest with their own hands, and build a green Great Wall for the special group of “Children by the Desert” Deeds have aroused more people’s attention to the environmental problem of land desertification, and encouraged more people, especially parent-child families, to participate in the practice of “green lifestyle”.

Ganhu volunteers join hands with heroes of sand control: replanting a forest for “children by the desert”

The picture shows volunteers pressing sand in the desert. Photo courtesy of “Green Moving Future”

Replant a love forest for “children by the desert”

Babusha is the southern edge of the Tengger Desert and the northern part of Gulang County, Wuwei City A sandy mouth in the city. It is said that more than 100 years ago, there were only eight-step wide sand openings here, so it was called “eight-step sand”. There is also a saying that the sand here is fine and soft, and when people step on it, their feet will sink into the sand. They can only “travel” with difficulty one step at a time, so it is also called “gobusha”.

As a key monitoring county for desertification in China, Gulang County has also been deeply affected by sandstorms. Not only is the fertile land facing the crisis of being swallowed up by the desert, but the lives of children cannot be guaranteed. In 1981, six local elderly people challenged the deserted sofa to keep their homes and future generations. Today, the son inherits his father’s business, and three generations of people have used 40 years of struggle to build a green “isolation zone” of 252,000 acres, which cut off the path of the desert eroding the ancient waves, and realized the retreat from the sand into the green to the green into the sand. Historic change.

This time, more than 40 members of SAIC-GM employee volunteer families, OnStar user volunteers and social volunteers returned to Gulang under the leadership of the platform. Together with local volunteers, they not only visited and The No. 1 Love Forest that was completed last year was maintained, and more than 20,000 Haloxylon trees were planted in the Tengger Desert with the “six old men” descendants to complete another “Green Future” Love Forest.

At the same time, the platform also organizes volunteers to re-walk the sand control road of the “six old men” and three generations of sand control, and carry out activities such as “Eight Steps of Sand Ecological Research” and other activities to encourage volunteers to learn from advanced models of sand control and afforestation Draw strength from.

“The sandstorm this year made me see the terrible desertification. I hope my efforts will bring more green to the desert, so that the sand will no longer be raging.” “I heard that the survival rate of Haloxylon seedlings last year was Over 70%, I hope that the tree I planted can also lock the yellow sand firmly and protect the children here to thrive.”…The saplings of Haloxylon ammodendron bear the expectation and care of the volunteers.

Ganhu volunteers join hands with heroes of sand control: replanting a forest for “children by the desert”(1)


p >The picture shows Shi Yinshan, the second generation of sand control, leading volunteers to re-walk the sand control road of three generations. Photo courtesy of “Green Moving the Future”

Promote the spirit of the “six old men” and green the desert to protect their homes

This year is the 40th year that the “six old men” have devoted themselves to sand control. In the second generation Accompanied by Guo Wangang, director of the Babu Sand Forest Farm, the volunteers reviewed the difficult journey of three generations of relay control over the past forty years, and felt the tremendous changes from the sand sea to the oasis on the ground, and they were inspired. In the newly built Babusha “Two Mountains” Practice and Innovation Base, Guo Wangang also gave volunteers an environmental protection micro-class on the theme of “Babusha Ecological Research”.

Guo Wangang said that in the 1970s, “riding the fence overnight in the north wind and getting up in the morning on the donkey” is a true portrayal of Babusha. In order to protect their homeland, the “six old men” headed by Guo Chaoming spontaneously organized sand control and afforestation, and solemnly stamped their fingerprints on the Babusha afforestation contract, vowing to turn the “bullying dead” desert green. The “six old men” established an eight-step sand forest farm in the form of joint household contracting.

In the late 1980s, before the 30-year-old Guo Wangang took over from his father and entered the forest farm, he was still carrying an “iron rice bowl” at the Gulang County Supply and Marketing Cooperative. I hope that the forest farm will disband so that I can do business on my own. He once complained about his father: “The desert is so big that you can’t see it, but you have to manage it. You think you are a god!” However, a sudden sandstorm completely changed his mind.

On May 5, 1993, a sandstorm blew up in Gulang County, and the whole world instantly became invisible. Guo Wangang was patrolling the forest at the time, and he was blown into a “ground gourd” before he could react. The sand raised by the strong wind buried him underneath in a blink of an eye. “Many children in the village have been lost”! Later, Guo Wangang set up the ambition of “Eight-step sand is not green, I will not go anywhere” in the inaugural speech of the head of the Babusha Forest Farm.

The second generation of sand control people in Babusha, headed by Guo Wangang, not only want the desert green, but also benefit. Compared with their parents, the third generation of sand control people headed by Guo Yi are more “advanced”. They want green and efficiency, and they have introduced modern sand control equipment into the eight-step sand. For nearly half a century, the three generations of the “six old men” led the masses to control sand and afforest nearly 400,000 acres, planting more than 40 million trees, and the ferocious and fierce desert has retreated 15 kilometers.

Deeply cultivate environmental protection and public welfare to promote green development

This year is the second time that the “Green Moving Future” platform has penetrated into Gulang. In order to let more people understand the grim situation of desertification, actively participate in it For environmental protection public welfare undertakings, the platform also released the online interaction “Children in the Desert·Thumb Public Welfare”, encouraging the public to accumulate energy for next year’s desert tree planting trip through participation and interaction, and spread love to more children in the desert.

In this action, “Greening the Future” not only drove social forces to truly enter the frontline of desertification control to participate in desertification prevention, but also innovatively carried out on-site visits, ecological classrooms and other educational and practical activities, guided by the power of example , Further enhance the participants’ awareness of ecological and environmental protection, deepen children’s environmental protection education and the “all benefits” model of “everyone participates, everyone spreads, and everyone benefits”.

However, Kou Xuyang said frankly that the process of delivering the value of “all benefits” was not smooth sailing. Volunteers who grew up in the city and did not do much hard work were all at once exposed to the harsh desert environment and had to complete it. Many people experience heavy physical labor such as pressing sand and planting trees, and many people have negative physical or mental reactions, but this is also the meaning of environmental protection public welfare activities-allowing more people to learn about the fragility of the environment and protect the environment through personal participation. Not easy.

Inviting the “six old men” sand control personnel to participate in the event is also an important measure for the platform to promote environmental protection practices and implement the “all benefits” model, by allowing sand control personnel to share many years of sand control as volunteers Experiences and achievements, and working with volunteers to control sand in the desert, make their contemporary image of fools more vivid, encourage volunteers to participate more actively in environmental protection actions, and promote their awareness of ecological civilization.

“The survival rate of Haloxylon saplings planted in Gulang County can reach 70%.” It is understood that in 2020, “Green Moving Future” has formed a “tree planting and sand prevention friendly joint construction unit” with Babu Sand Forest Farm. In the future, the platform will continue to lead volunteers from all over the country to come to Gulang to learn.” In addition to the spirit of “six old men”, they continue to contribute to the cause of desertification, and plant the green concept of ecological and environmental protection into more people’s hearts. (End)