Gree Real Estate upgrades “two-generation homes” to provide new-style living solutions

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In recent years, “living next door” with their parents and realizing “freedom of reunion” have become the core property demands of many young and middle-aged groups. In July, the forthcoming Gree Coast Phase 6 launched a new type of “two-generation house”. Through more flexible and ingenious design, it created a “separate but not separated, alienated but not far” mode of getting along for the two generations, and took good care of family balance. Let love and happiness never separate.

“Two houses in one door” is people’s initial impression of “two-generation houses”. In Gree Coast Phase 6, Gree Real Estate has meticulously created 21 types of houses for different real estate needs such as rigid demand, improvement and Bay Area investment. Owners can optimize and adjust according to actual needs, and flexibly choose different apartment types to freely combine. The combined area of ​​54-114 square meters can be increased to 130-180 square meters, so as to realize the double living room design and double function partition to meet the diversified needs. At the same time, the “two-generation residence” product allows the living spaces of young people and the elderly to be relatively independent and closely connected, creating a pleasant, safe and relaxing living environment for multiple generations.

Zhao Xinyu, who works in Zhuhai High-tech Zone, chose a “two-generation house” product consisting of a 72-square-meter two-bedroom apartment and an adjacent 57-square-meter one-bedroom apartment based on his family situation. “My parents are retired. As the only child in the family, I take them over and do my filial piety, so that the two elders can live here forever, and the grandparents and grandchildren can enjoy the affection.” Zhao Xinyu has a living space with 5 bedrooms, 2 living rooms and 3 bathrooms Two decoration styles are adopted. “My love and I like simple style, and my parents prefer Chinese style. Ample space isolates the conflicts between our two generations, but brings family relationships closer and makes the family more harmonious and comfortable.”


p >Gree Real Estate upgrades “two-generation homes” to provide new-style living solutions

It is reported that “two generations of residences” are very important for Gree Real Estate. Words are not new. As early as the construction period of Gree Plaza, Gree Real Estate launched this design. Based on the profound insight into the needs of Chinese families, and with the “filial piety culture” as the core, Gree Real Estate opened up two or more adjacent units, allowing the family to “divide and not leave.” After the product was launched, it was not only well received by the market, Gree Real Estate also successfully applied for a national patent in 2007, adding a footnote to the innovation of residential products at that time.

Lu Junsi, chairman of Gree Real Estate, said that family affection is the “distance of a bowl of soup”, and the “two generations of residence” series of products can provide a new style of life for families including parents, children, grandchildren and other members. solution. The innovation and upgrading of the “two-generation house” has injected a strong human touch into the original single-purpose house.

When I wake up in the morning, I see that my parents are still well; I go home from get off work, and there is a “smell of mother” in the kitchen; on holidays, the whole family shares the family relationship… This kind of innovation is close to the needs of users The “two generations of residence” isolates the living space but does not isolate love. According to reports, Gree Coast Phase 6 not only provides a pleasant living environment, but also gathers the surrounding pro-sea life resources, and is linked with the operation concept of the “Ocean Life Home” community, through the “Gree Coast National Fitness Season”, “Ocean Life Home Table Tennis Game” and other communities Activities, enrich the daily life of residents with continuous and humane activities, so that the elderly, together with their children, grandchildren, and neighbors, can achieve the goals of health and longevity, from physical fitness to peace of mind.