Guangdong private enterprises: science and technology help the front line of epidemic prevention and control

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China News Service, Guangzhou, June 7 (with permission from Sun Qiuxia) The reporter learned from the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce on the 7th that after the current round of the local epidemic in Guangzhou, the Guangdong Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce issued the “On Urgent Action to Resolutely Win the Prevention and Control of the Epidemic The Proposal of a Hard Fight, some private technology-based enterprises in Guangdong provide material, capital, and manpower guarantees for epidemic prevention and control, forming a scientific anti-epidemic camp.

In order to improve the nucleic acid testing capabilities in Guangzhou, Guangzhou Golden Mile Medical Laboratory Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Golden Mile Medical”) transferred more than 150 testing technicians from central laboratories across the country to support them. The Guangzhou headquarters has invested more than 1,000 local inspectors and logistics service personnel. In terms of equipment, Jinyu Medical has deployed and purchased more than 320 PCR instruments from all over the country. In addition to the original equipment of the Guangzhou headquarters, a total of more than 450 PCR instruments and more than 400 supporting equipment have been invested to realize the automation and informatization of the entire testing process.

Guangdong private enterprises: science and technology help the front line of epidemic prevention and control

Photo courtesy of Golden Mile Medical in the “Falcon” mobile laboratory

In addition, Golden Mile Medical United Nations National Respiratory Medicine Center, Guangzhou Hohhot Research Institute and other units jointly built the “Falcon” air film shelter Laboratories, including container mobile laboratories and bus mobile laboratories, can cooperate with each other in different detection scenarios to form an efficient detection mode of “large-scale detection base + mobile detection point”. This “combined punch” has a daily maximum detection capacity of 26 Wanguan.

Guangzhou Huayin Healthcare Group’s 3 major laboratories, 3 new coronavirus nucleic acid detection shelter laboratories, and more than 30 nucleic acid co-built laboratories are fully fired to ensure large-scale nucleic acid screening in Guangfo area jobs. Laidi Laboratory in Guangzhou Development Zone is a laboratory that specializes in nucleic acid testing of the new crown virus. It has a 24-hour uninterrupted operation of multiple production lines in the mid-night shift. The normalized routine testing capacity is more than 60,000 single tubes/day, and it has rapidly expanded during the epidemic. More than 120,000 single tubes/day.

Guangdong private enterprises: science and technology help the front line of epidemic prevention and control(1)


p >Photo courtesy of Jinyu Medical Headquarters Biological Island Central Laboratory Jinyu Medical

In order to help Guangdong Province, especially Guangzhou City, the epidemic prevention and control work, Zhuhai Gree Electric dispatched two Gree Mobile P2+ nucleic acid tests on June 1st The car officially entered the Guangdong Provincial Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Gree “Falcon”, a derivative product of Gree Mobile’s P2+ nucleic acid detection vehicle, has rushed to the Jinlong community in Liwan District, Guangzhou. Gree Mobile’s P2+ nucleic acid detection vehicle can pass high-throughput rapid detection and high efficiency Air purification and intelligent analysis of massive data, rapid inspection and testing of collected samples.

The daily routine nucleic acid sample testing capacity of Zhongshan City Nucleic Acid City Testing Base exceeds 10,000 samples, and the testing capacity can be expanded to 50,000 samples per day in 12 hours under emergency conditions, using 10-in-1 mixed sampling testing Mode, the number of inspections can reach up to 500,000 in 24 hours. (End)