Harbin Institute of Technology’s scientific research team helps the Chinese flag to be deployed on Mars for the first time

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Source:China News Network

Chinanews.com, Harbin, June 11th (Shang Yankai reporter Shi Yifu) On the 11th, China National Space Administration announced that the”Zhu Rong””The panorama of the landing site, the topography of Mars, the”Chinese Imprint” and the”Photographs of the Tour” taken by the rover. The release of these scientific image maps marked the complete success of China’s first Mars exploration mission.

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The Chinese flag locking and unfolding mechanism releases the national flag to unfold. The left picture shows the locked state and the right picture shows the unfolded state. Harbin Institute of TechnologyPhoto courtesy

In the two In the image, the bright red square Chinese flag is clearly visible. Harbin Institute of Technology Leng Jinsong professor’s team independently designed and developed the Chinese flag locking and unfolding mechanism to make China became the first country in the world to apply shape memory polymer smart structures to deep space exploration projects.

Tianwen-1 has gone through more than 9 times from launching into orbit to landing on Mars Months, detection risks are high and difficult, the flag lock deployment mechanism is facing challenges such as the interplanetary space environment, the thin Martian atmosphere, and the Martian wind. At the same time, there are difficulties such as the uncertain landing environment and the inability to intervene on the ground. Strict requirements.

Through repeated iterations of extreme environment tests that simulate the mechanics, thermal vacuum, thermal cycle, and locking and deployment functions of the Martian environment, the team has prepared a winding lock for the innovative design of the landing platform- The unfolding mode of the national flag locking and unfolding mechanism. The unfolding process of the national flag is similar to the unfolding method of traditional Chinese calligraphy and painting, which solves the problem of low temperature, spoke According to and other extremely harsh operating environments, the key technical problems of long-term locking, low-impact and reliable deployment.

In the future, related technologies such as smart structures based on shape memory polymer composites are expected to be applied to the China Space Station, Lunar exploration project, manned lunar landing, Mars exploration, Jupiter exploration, small Major aerospace projects such as planetary exploration, ice giant exploration, and deep space exploration also have broad application prospects in aerospace, aviation, automobiles, high-end equipment, intelligent manufacturing, robotics, and biomedicine. (End)