heat! The western United States suffers from high temperatures, California enters a state of emergency

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China News Service, June 19th. According to a comprehensive report, extreme heat waves have recently swept through the western United States, and tens of millions of Americans are facing record high temperature warnings. This not only exacerbated the drought, but also increased the risk of wildfires.

The National Weather Service has issued ultra-high temperature warnings for five states, including California, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and parts of Colorado.

In Salt Lake City, Utah, Palm Springs, California, and other places, the high temperature record has been tied or broken, and the temperature record in Phoenix on the 18th soared to 47 degrees Celsius.

heat! The western United States suffers from high temperatures, California enters a state of emergency


p > On June 17, local time, Death Valley National Park, California, USA ushered in a high temperature of 54 degrees Celsius. The picture shows tourists braving the heat to enter Death Valley.

California Governor Newsom has declared a state of emergency in the state. The sharp drop in the water level of Lake Oroville, California’s second largest reservoir, may cause the first closure of hydropower stations that rely on it to generate electricity. Earlier, the Lake Mead Reservoir, the largest reservoir in the United States, also reported that its water storage has dropped to a record low.

As power generation capacity declines and people’s demand for electricity rises during periods of high temperature, grid operators are calling on residents to reduce electricity consumption and only maintain what they need to avoid power outages.

Extreme high temperatures have also exacerbated the increasingly severe drought. The possibility of wildfires spreading rapidly in many states is still high. Almost all areas in Utah and Nevada have issued red flag warnings.

According to the weather forecast, the high temperature will ease before the middle of next week. Meteorologists remind people to continue to drink water in the next few days, stay indoors during the hottest part of the day, and if you must go out, try to wear light, light-colored clothes.