High-quality students set up a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest: “isolated” and not out of touch

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Communication: Top students form a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest: “Isolate from the world” and not out of touch

Chinanews.com, Daxinganling, Inner Mongolia, June 10, title: Top students form a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest : “Isolate from the world” not out of touch

“One team, one dog, one mountain, silently guarding Daxingan”. In the hinterland of the virgin forest area in the northern part of the Greater Xing’an Mountains, Inner Mongolia, a pair of “post-90s” high-quality students and mentors who graduated from a “double first-class” university led 67 firefighting officers and men to guard the fire safety of 950,000 hectares of virgin forest and the 200-kilometer Sino-Russian border. .

It is surrounded by mountains on three sides and facing water on the other. It is known as the “place where the wind stops”; it is only 2.5 kilometers away from the border and is called the “end of the train”; there is no internet, no mail, There is no long-term electricity, and there are no people in a radius of a hundred miles. It seems to be “isolated”.

High-quality students set up a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest: “isolated” and not out of touch

The picture shows Wang Depeng carrying out team history education for the commanders and fighters. Photo courtesy of the respondent

It is the fire prevention period. Squadron leader Wang Yonggang, instructor Wang Depeng, and more than 60 officers and men are waiting. “Take the task seriously and face life with ease.” This is the “strict” requirement put forward by the pair of high-achieving cadres to the squadron’s commanders and fighters, trying to keep the “isolated” life intact.

“It is said that college students have nothing to do with being bookish. I don’t believe it, so I choose the most bitter, tiring, and loneliest.” Daxinganling Detachment of the Inner Mongolia Forest Fire Brigade graduated from Beijing Forestry University on the 10th. This is how Wang Yonggang, captain of Qigan Squadron, introduced to reporters his original intention of choosing here. “If the objective conditions do not allow changes, then improve the inner quality of the officers and fighters.”

Chi Gan, located in the “cockscomb” of China’s territory, is very remote and lonely. During the interview, the reporter learned that this place has been the world of “post-90s” since 2012, and they came here from the south and the north to pay silently. Wang Depeng told reporters that these young people should not be rigid in their thinking because of the particularity of the environment.

In 2015, the 27-year-old Wang Yonggang became the youngest instructor in the history of Qigan Squadron. He brought the belief that “knowledge changes destiny” into the squadron. In addition to training and assignments, he took his teammates to read books and newspapers to learn knowledge.

In Qigan Squadron, more than 80% of the officers and fighters have a degree below college. But up to now, all three of Wang Yonggang’s documents have been admitted to civil servants after restoration.

In 2018, Wang Depeng’s junior and junior brother, Wang Depeng, went to Qiqian Squadron after graduating from graduate school. In 2019, Wang Depeng served as the instructor, and Wang Yonggang served as the squadron leader.

The Qigan Squadron established in 1963 has a history of nearly 60 years. The tradition of independent fighting and self-sufficiency has been passed down to this day. On the basis of retaining the excellent traditions, innovate thinking, change the way of thinking and management of troops, adapt to the trend of the times, and bring out a brave and vigorous team. This is the work content that Wang Yonggang and Wang Depeng have been exploring and practicing since they formed the team. .

High-quality students set up a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest: “isolated” and not out of touch(1)


p >The picture shows the commanders playing games in their spare time. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Recently, the two of them began to take turns to deliver fresh “supplies” from the “outside world” to the commanders in the mountains.

Wang Depeng learned from the short video platform some university professors’ humorous lectures to the commanders. “When we come out of a university classroom, it may be easier to imitate the teacher’s teaching method. It is fun and joyful, and everyone can listen to it.”

Wang Yonggang is not good at playing games, but he is willing to “suppress” The players team up to play games in twos and threes in their spare time. “Now the 4G network can’come in’, so that everyone can play games, which can not only active thinking, but also increase feelings, which is very good.”

High-quality students set up a team to guard 950,000 hectares of primeval forest: “isolated” and not out of touch(2)

The picture shows Wang Yonggang. Photo courtesy of the interviewee

Today’s Qigan Squadron looks more like a corner of a university campus, with a warm and optimistic smile on every commander’s face. There are often “slam dunks” in the basketball court in the yard. There are also stacks of diaries in the library. The audio equipment is occasionally connected to the meeting room and there are loud singing voices. The cats and dogs in front of the main building are just taking advantage of the sunshine. Rubbing around to find a sense of existence…

In order to allow more high-quality and highly educated talents to join China’s national comprehensive firefighting and rescue team, in the recruitment process of firefighters, ordinary colleges and universities undergraduates Graduates and postgraduates who pass the assessment can be directly hired. CCP members and commendees such as “Three Good Students” and “Outstanding League Members” are given priority to be hired under the same conditions. (End)