I hugged her gently, her body trembled a little, but she never knew who I was anymore

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The first time I saw Momo was in a western restaurant. She looks just over 20 years old, with a deep melancholy engraved on her face, beautiful and distressing. This is the girl who sighed frequently in the video. I sat opposite her, of course she wouldn’t know it was me. Then I walked over and hugged her gently, her body trembled, and tears flowed down her cheeks silently. I wanted to wipe away the tears for her, but I raised my hand and put it down helplessly.

I met Momo on QQ. I haven’t talked about QQ for a long time, but one day, late at night, I throbbed inexplicably, opened it unknowingly, and added a number at random. She actually Online. We talked a lot, it was all open-hearted words. Then there is only one of her in my QQ. At work or when she is free, she will unconsciously search for whether her avatar is on.

The story of Momo is very sad. She fell in love with a boy at the age of 18 and stayed away from home with him without hesitation. At that time, she was young, beautiful and simple, believing that love is everything and that love is forever. The boy was honest on the surface, but he actually grew up in domestic violence, and soon became apparent that he was tempered class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”10645732″ qid=”6543019699075028228″>Tempered, Momo sympathizes with him, forgive him, and wants to give him a warm home.

Momo’s first kiss, he said she was not the first one he kissed Girl and told her the name of another girl. In Momo’s first night, she endured the tearing pain, and he fell asleep with only one boring sentence. She forgave him, because besides sympathy, she really loved him very much!

When we got married, Momo’s father was undergoing an operation and his life or death was uncertain. Momo did not come back a week in advance. Only after marriage did she know that when she accompanied her father in the hospital, he used to ask people to introduce him, and forced her to come back without suitable ones. It’s been six years of feelings, how can he find someone to replace him? Her heart is broken. Over the years, she has comforted him like a man. women. These years she She loves him as much as her mother loves her child, she just wants to make up for the suffering he suffered in childhood, but, but. . . . . .

She began to have a little gap in her love for him, but her love for him has become a habit, and soon she forgave him and loved him as always. Until she found out about his online dating, she answered one of his calls before that, and she answered it when she called it four times. She was afraid of something urgent, because he went to the public bathroom, and usually she never answered his phone to check his mobile phone. The girl on the phone asked in a very angry tone who are you? It seems that she is his wife. She thought about it and said it was his cousin. She told him when he came back, and he said loudly that he was not allowed to answer his calls in the future.

The following weekend, he drank and fell asleep. She was awakened by the computer fan. She wanted to turn off the computer, but saw him talking with a woman. The chat box was open like that, and his ten thousand I love you with a big exclamation mark jumped before her eyes. Then she read their chat log unconsciously, and the language in it was unsightly. If it wasn’t for the dialog box to be open, she would silently turn off his QQ and turn off the computer. She saw their level of development, and she also understood that he had betrayed himself. She called him softly, and then showed him the text on the computer. He said that he was drinking drunk</span class=”candidate-entity-word” data-gid=”6902400″ qid=”6547633563703973133″> span>! He said it was just talking. She had no complaints and regrets over the years, and suddenly found a gap. She cried dimly. At that time, she happened to be menstrual period. A headache. She proposed to break up for the first time, and he said that he would never contact her again, and vowed to treat her wholeheartedly and his temper became better. She believed and forgiven him, and gave him more freshness and love in the future. She wondered if she was also responsible, is it not good enough for him.

But years have passed in his endless inexplicable violent temper. She is still comforting and pioneering. She thought he would really change, she thought that she could live peacefully, she thought that changing a man would not cherish her, after all, he was her first time.

The second betrayal. She didn’t know until two years later. He publicized which bath center is good, and the classmate’s wife told her that she couldn’t stand it anymore. She is beautiful, capable, has never given birth to a child, and loves him so much, she can’t find a reason for him to betray her again. She was the last one to know about him, and she could no longer hold her head up in front of her classmates, because his classmates belonged to hers, and they were classmates too. The happiness she once showed off in front of her classmates instantly turned into a mockery for everyone to laugh at.

She hates herself for being stupid, his part often has ulcers, and they are getting less and less together, he is still a young man, she thinks he is tired and stressed. And he blamed her because she went to the supermarket to buy the best sanitary napkins. She never doubted him!

She began to examine this marriage. Although it was her first kiss and first love, how could the love of such a person continue? At the beginning, the man begged for forgiveness again, saying that he was drunk and was dragged away by others, and vowed not to go again with the lives of his family.

Although her heart hurts very much, it melts slowly, but soon the man often stays away late at night, as if it is already like this. I met Momo at this time. My woman also betrayed me at that time. I came back a day early from a business trip and saw her lying on my bed with my best friend. I’m a man who is always on business trips but can always clean himself up, and I’m stupid for an instant! I chose to retreat, I left home and moved to work.

Two heart-dead people, compared with the same illness. I stayed with her every night and listened to her telling loneliness to make her feel sad. Two people who like peace and simple desires are getting closer and closer. Momo is so kind, so innocent, and weak in appearance but strong. She is very capable. She founded her own company by herself, and that man drove the car she bought for him with peace of mind, and took her money to spoil!

Persuading her to give up, she couldn’t let it go; giving her a trick, in exchange for the result he didn’t cherish. How many times did I want to beat that man hard, and how many times did I want to cross the screen and hug her tightly! I have fallen in love with Momo! I forgot my pain, and even forgot who I am! I only know that when Momo is happy, I am happy, and when Momo is painful, I am in pain.

Momo wrote the divorce agreement. He didn’t agree and couldn’t save it, and he was even more unscrupulous, even bringing the woman home. She became more and more haggard every time, and my heart hurt every time. Momo filed an appeal for the first time. She was too kind and didn’t want to adversely affect his future life. She just said that the relationship was not harmonious, but it did not constitute a reason for divorce. She was The court rejected. The second time to appeal, she saw that he was chatting with the dean, yes, this is his territory. And she is a woman from a foreign land.

At an intersection just one street away from the western restaurant, the police are dealing with a traffic accident. A Ferrari ran into an Audi in the reverse direction. The two cars collided head-on at high speed. It has been scrapped, and the drivers died on the spot. The red-haired woman in the Audi car suffered a comminuted fracture of her leg. According to the investigation, it was a lady from a bathing center.

Originally, I agreed with Momo to meet in a western restaurant in her city three days later. I really couldn’t bear the pain she suffered anymore, because it was more unbearable than my own pain. But on the night after the appointment, I drove my Ferrari to her city. For three days, I followed her husband, investigated and collected evidence of his betrayal, and installed a bug in his Audi.

But on the day of the appointment, on the way to meet Momo, I heard her husband and the woman in the car say that my wife is in front of me. The woman said defiantly, would you dare to hit her? The man said, why don’t you dare? I can settle it if I hit her, and all the property belongs to me. I seemed to hear him increasing the throttle. I panicked all of a sudden, and I speeded around to the intersection and collided with him head-on.

Then I went to see Momo. She was younger and more beautiful than in the video. I hugged her. I don’t know why she shed tears, but I didn’t even have the power to wipe her tears away. I want to tell her that I really love her, more than she loves him.

Momo later cried in a mess in the hospital morgue. She was attached to him and no one could pull it up. I obviously feel that she loves him that way, I don’t know if I made a mistake. Of course Momo didn’t know. I was lying in another morgue next to him. She didn’t even know what happened to me and him, nor how much I love her!

I My career is a lawyer. In fact, I can help Momo win the lawsuit, and I can give her a life that a happy woman should have.