If the agreement reaches Hong Kong, Australia will pay 5 great prices! How does China fight back?

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There is an old Chinese saying:”If you don’t believe you can’t stand, you can’t be honest.” If you don’t talk about credit, you can’t gain a foothold in society and you can’t go far. .

In a sense, this applies to both individuals and collectives. In the interaction of the international community, whether a country is strong or not is not only reflected in the economy or its national image. , Reputation is also related to whether the country can pave the road to development in the longer term.

But in many cases, some countries ignore this when facing the ever-changing international situation, and lose the more important and long-term image of themselves.

For a long time in the past, China and Australia have maintained a relatively friendly relationshipRelationship, especially in economic trade , And even once became Australia’s largest trading partner in the world.

However, not long ago, China announced that it would indefinitely suspend the next activities of the China-Australia Strategic Economic Dialogue Mechanism,The Ministry of Foreign Affairs immediately issued a statement that Australia must bear all responsibilities for the situation between China and Australia today.

Of course, any change in relationship will not be a sudden and unfounded deterioration.

On April 21, 2021, Australian Foreign Minister Payne announced the cancellation of the “Belt and Road” memorandum and framework signed between China and Victoria, Australia in the early years.Agreement,May of the same year , The Australian government claims that it is considering whether to force China’s Landbridge Group to abandon Leasing AustraliaDarwin Port99 years of agreement.

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As these events fermented, Sino-Australian relations have taken a turn for the worse. On the other hand, Australia frequently made comments on Xinjiang, Hong Kong, and Taiwan in the international community, and aimed at the new crown.The epidemic has led international public opinion vigorously. All of the above have caused the Sino-Australian relations to fail to develop steadily and continuously.

So what exactly is Australia’s purpose With such a move, if the Australian side persistently breaks the contract, what kind ofPrice, what should China do? Fight back?

1. Pay the price

The Port of Darwin is located on the northwest coast of Australia and is Australia’s closest to Asia.Port city used mining as its main economic pillar industry in the early years, but in 2015 China Landbridge Group signed a 99-year lease of Darwin Port with Australia at a price of 506 million Australian dollars.

Since Landbridge Group’s acceptance, Darwin Port’s infrastructure construction has been continuously upgraded, and the “Belt and Road” trains in China have provided huge business opportunities. This is a great opportunity for both China and Australia. The conclusion of this contract is undoubtedly a win-win decision. The establishment of the “Belt and Road” regional cooperation platform has benefited many countries along the route.

Seeing this opportunity, Australia is determined to build Darwin Port as an important external strategic fulcrum in order to achieve the purpose of boosting its domestic economic development. Compared with the previous move to give the green light to Chinese leasing, the Australian side unilaterally proposed to reconsider the leasing agreement. It really has to let the final recognition sigh to cross the river and demolish the bridge.

At present, if the Australian side insists on ignoring the rules of the agreement and unilaterally breaching the contract, they will have to pay a high price. First of all, the Australian side will face huge economic losses. It is important to know that the signing of this agreement is not based on the national level, but the cooperation between the Australian side and Chinese companies. Therefore, although it involves a wide range, it is strictly speaking The”Darport Agreement” is only a commercial contract.

Since this agreement is completed for the purpose of doing business, a series of issues arising from the effective process of the agreement should be based on cooperation The terms signed at the time shall prevail. Landbridge Group Spend a huge sum of 500 million yuan on leasing to Hong Kong, and the indemnity that the Australian side will have to bear in case of breach of contract will also be a huge number.

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In the end, Australia’s move completely gave itself a top nothing in words The /span> hat, as is happening now, China-Australia economic and trade cooperation has reached a deadlock, and it is difficult to predict when the dialogue will be restarted. Political issues will definitely have a direct impact on economic activities in the end.

In the face of Australia’s repeated provocations and offenses, it is impossible for China to continue to ignore it. China is still entering the”post-epidemic” stage, and the economy of various industries is recovering.

So the problem between China and Australia will not affect China It has a great impact, but for Australia, China, as its largest trade exporter, loses the opportunity to expand the Chinese market. The impact is immeasurable.

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Although the “Against Hong Kong Agreement” is a cooperation between Chinese companies and Australia, if Australia unilaterally breaks the contract, it will definitely harm the country’s external image. In the future, companies from other countries will have to estimate the potential for cooperation with Australia. There will be no more cases of breach of contract, as it is said that it is not easy to build a good image, but it is easy to destroy it.

If Australia establishes an unbelievable international image, it will eventually miss countless opportunities for development, and only its own interests will be damaged.

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Two. I don’t know why.

Since the”Arrival Agreement” ruining appointments has brought so much trouble to Australia, why do they even use such a detrimental and self-defeating approach to China? Are you looking for trouble?

First, Australia and The United States is a firm alliance.

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At the same time, Darwin’s special geographical location has caused it to carry a certain military role at the same time. The economic situation there was very unsatisfactory before Landbridge Group formally took over. What’s even more embarrassing is that the United States is still stationed here. Support the military, which results in Australia having to pay a large sum to the US military every yearMilitary Expenses.

Australia, as a highly developed capitalist country, is very different from China in terms of ideology, values, or political system. Therefore, Australia’s standing in line with the United States does not surprise everyone. It is expected that after all, the United States was dissatisfied with it in the early days of the”Darrival Agreement”, and it is naturally impossible for Australia to turn its face because of the”absolute ally” China and the United States.

Second, the historical reasons of Darwin Port , The Darwin Port in the early years and the present can be called”different ports”. Because of its location along the coast, it has been subject to Typhoon will be destroyed by natural disasters every time the construction is completed, which has brought great economic pressure to the Australian government.

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At the same time, Darwin Port is The particularity of its location has caused it to carry a certain military role at the same time. The economic situation there was very unsatisfactory before Landbridge Group officially took over. What is more embarrassing is that the United States has stationed an army here, which leads to Australia’s annual A large military expenditure must be paid to the U.S. military.

But after 2015, Australia will take advantage of the easing of Sino-Australian relations to lease the port to China. In exchange for economic benefits, it also intends to restrict the U.S. military. This For the United States, no matter from which point of view, there are all harms but no benefits. Therefore, the United States has been trying to find a breakthrough in the”Dr. Port Agreement” in order to achieve the purpose of reducing the economic and trade exchanges between China and Australia.

Third, the contradictions between China and Australia are solidified. Today we have to face up to the fact that there are deep contradictions between China and Australia. These contradictions are not accumulated in a day, but are inevitable in the international exchanges between you and us.

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But Australia and the United States are very similar in many respects. The superiority brought to them by capitalism makes them often stand on the high ground and judge China’s actions, even ignoring International order check China’s internal affairs.

In recent years, Australia has often been involved in the international community in the South China Sea, Xinjiang, Hong Kong and other internal affairs issues have expressed their opinions. In the early stage of the new crown epidemic, many The country sympathizes with China and praises the Chinese people for their courage to fight the epidemic. What is Australia doing at this time? They filed claims against China for the epidemic, and continued to slander China as the root cause of the epidemic.

As an anti-China pioneer in the United States, Australia can say Every step is firmly followed by the United States, and when China has passed the most difficult moment, it will inevitably take countermeasures. This is why China must sanctions Australia.

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At the end of 2020, China was the first to restrict Australia’s import of coal in coal. The qualified reason rejected the coal resources delivered by Australia. After the quality and safety inspections were strengthened, many Australian ships could only go home. In just one month, the volume of coal trade between China and Australia dropped sharply.

All this seems to have not made the Australian government aware of China’s warnings, and even adopted an attitude of preparing to fight China to the end. In the end, China decided to focus on wine, lobster, Seven categories of timber, coal, barley, copper ore and copper concentrate have suspended the purchase of Australian commodities.

Australia’s most iron ore is sold to China every year. This is also a place that the Australian government is proud of. In their opinion, Australia There is a large market for exported coal resources in China, so it is impossible for China to completely interact with sellers.

But the fact is absolutely not the case. Today, China has sanctioned Australia for more than a few months, and the gap in our domestic energy resources has not been revealed. Australia wants to pass this The dream of forcing China to suffer from dumb losses by means has vanished.

As a result, Australia will naturally explore new roadsChecks and balances China’s desire to break the contract”Against Hong Kong” is obviously another means of threatening China.

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its Fourth, Landbridge Group has been constructing Darwin Port for five years. With the speed of China’s infrastructure construction, Darwin Port is no longer in the same breath, as Oceania is an important hub for the Eurasian continent, and China has also spent a lot of thought in Darwin Port.

The modern port model is very mature, with large-scale Freighter is transiting here,So it’s hard not to doubt that Australia is trying to find a reasonable cause and then break the contract In this way, a completely new port city has been built.

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Three. How to counteract

Now that we have seen Australia’s intentions, how should we respond to this?

All this must be planned according to Australia’s next move, assuming that they also want to have a game with ChinaTrade war We are not afraid of it. As long as the sanctions are increased, Australia, which is overly dependent on the Chinese market, cannot survive a few rounds.

China can find alternatives in South America Australia’s imported resources are difficult to carry on with the resource checks and balances envisaged by the Australian side.

At the same time, China can also file for financial compensation to Australia , The funds and manpower consumed by Chinese enterprises in the large-scale development of Darwin Port require huge financial compensation. In addition, compensation should also be made in accordance with international rules for breach of contract.

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Of course, Australia, as an ally of Western countries, if we want to thoroughly expose Australia in the international community There is still a certain degree of difficulty in the face of breach of contract. Some Western countries will probably still support Australia, but China must not let it go, and must resolutely hold Australia’s legal responsibility.

Youdao is axiomatic and free of people’s hearts. Maybe we can’t change their behavior when they stand together, but we must also make our own voice so that the whole world knows us The determination to fight the darkness.

At its root, the foundation for all checks and balances lies in our own strength. As long as we do our own thing and follow our own development path, even if we encounter What kind of monsters and monsters are not to be afraid of. China is no longer the China of a hundred years ago. Now we no longer succumb to strong boats and guns, because we can make them ourselves.

We are no longer weak in diplomacy, because we have the confidence and hope that Australia and other countries that see China as a thorn in their eyes can spend their time on themselves in the future. , Instead of always focusing on what others get but don’t have.