If you don’t make a move, the goddess’ hand will be taken away by others.

By yqqlm yqqlm

Hello everyone, I’m tris, and today is the fifteenth day when I get up early to write.

getInterUrl?uicrIvZQ=a0e021f5dbfab457bc155167f94c27cd - If you don’t make a move, the goddess’ hand will be taken away by others.

I’m not in a good mood these past two days, It’s a long story, and you have to start with a circle of friends.

Two days ago, I was free from get off work and occasionally saw the circle of friends. It was terrible. I have been The girl who has a crush is in love with someone else. Not only is there a love story, but there is also a picture of the two, woc! fuck!

In my heart, there are ten thousand grass and mud horses running around in my heart.

Feel yourself The university has been in vain for his paying for several years. I feel deeply remorse.

I also blame me, for the sake of face, I have not been with herConfession.

Because and After the predecessor broke up, the trouble was very unpleasant. QQ, WeChat, and phone were all deleted + blocked. (She did it, not me!) It was mainly from the same class, and I saw the thief without looking up.

Think about my university’s efforts to her over the years, and everyone in the laboratory can see me. Mind, maybe she was so stupid that she didn’t feel it, and I just told outsiders to treat her like a sister (cheap!).

I always thought she had a very high vision and looked down upon the people around her, so I wanted to make myself better.

Now I want to understand, no matter how good you are in love, no one is waiting for you. What’s more, even if you confess, you won’t die. Big deal know the definite result, then change Work elsewhere.

Death to face and suffer, this sentence finally applied to me.

We are always waiting, always thinking that we can wait until the perfect day before setting off, but in fact, we can never wait for that day, we can I just missed it.

We are always procrastinating, always thinking that when the time comes, we will jump up and things will be done. But in the end it was discovered that everything was dragged off by us.