“Island Guardian” Premiere Restores Wang Jicai’s 32 Years of Life on the Island

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China News Service, Beijing, June 9th. On June 8, the film “Island Guardians”, based on the true stories of “Models of the Times” Wang Jicai and Wang Shihua, held its premiere. The protagonist prototype Wang Shihua and her family also came to the scene. She commented that Liu Ye, who played Wang Jicai, was “straightforward and honest, very similar to Lao Wang” and praised Gong Zhe, who played her, as “a very real girl”.

“Island Guardian” Premiere Restores Wang Jicai’s 32 Years of Life on the Island

The movie “Island Guardian” “Through the true story of the protagonist stationing on the island for 32 years, it shows their simple and extraordinary life.

The film is directed by the art director of Bayi Film Studio, the national first-level director Chen Li and also serves as the chief screenwriter. Zhang Heping is the artistic director, Gao Mantang is the script planner, Ding Han and Zhao Zheen are screenwriters, and Liang Ming is the photographer. Instructor, Huo Tingxiao as the art director, Ju Wenpei composer, starring Liu Ye, Gong Zhe, Hou Yong, Sun Weimin, Song Chunli, Zhang Yishan, Chen Chuang, Tao Huimin, Ma Shaohua, Chi Peng, Xu Li, etc. co-starred.

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From 1986 to 2018 In 1999, the story of “Island Watcher” spanned 32 years. Director Chen Li revealed that, in order to restore the protagonist’s life trajectory, the main creative team has traveled to Kaishan Island many times to interview and experience life, eat and live with Wang Shihua, and experience the heart of the island guard in the subtleties.

The location shooting of “Island Watcher” lasted 4 months, mainly on an island. In this process, various difficulties often come unexpectedly. Liu Ye revealed that in order to make his skin texture close to the character prototype, he was exposed to the sun every day at the beach, and his skin was burned and swollen several times until he had lost several layers of skin. Gong Zhe sighed that it was too terrifying when the sea breeze came. There was a scene of rescuing the seedlings in a rainstorm, and he was soggy and shivering with cold.

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For acting well The role, all the actors did their best. Sun Weimin repeatedly figured out how to make crab cages, Song Chunli practiced sewing clothes over and over again, and Chen Chuang learned sailing skills from the ground up, and they all became out-and-out “skilled workers.” Zhang Yishan suffered a rocky filming on a foggy day, and dangers were everywhere, but he was very engaged in acting.

In real life, Wang Shihua quit her job as a teacher and guards the island with her husband Wang Jicai. In the past 32 years, they have experienced the cruelty of nature and witnessed the unique landscape of the island, and personally turned the island with an extremely difficult environment into a warm home.

Wang Shihua also attended the premiere. Recalling the scene of guarding the island with Wang Jicai at the beginning, she choked and said: “He wants to guard the island, then I will guard him!”

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Speaking of the movie “Island Watcher”, she thinks Liu Ye is “straightforward and honest, very similar to Lao Wang”, He praised Gong Zhe for “a very real girl.” Wang Shihua was very pleased as one of the prototype characters for the release of this movie. She said: “I attended today’s premiere and remembered a lot of things before. This movie is no longer seen by Lao Wang. I will help the director and The actors say thank you, thank you for telling the story of Morishima.”

It is reported that the film will be released nationwide on June 18. (End)